Choose Your Perspective

“Keerrrplum!” The sound that an owner of a new car never wants to hear, the sound that she cautiously tries to avoid. The sound of metal side swapping the passenger side of her pride and joy – her baby, her car. I looked over to my right to see a mindless 30something woman driver with long brown hair. She her head and looked at me as if I were the problem. You hit my car! How dare you! I thought.

That thought was followed by a series of Oh my gosh! How am I going to pay for this? What’ s my insurance company going to say? It was such a minor incident; no one was hurt. There was no impact when she hit my car. But should I call the police? Is my insurance premium going to rise? What’s going to happen now? 

And if that wasn’t enough, my thoughts continued: I do NOT need this to happen to me right now! I’m not working; no (real) income. The job offer may take a little longer than I anticipated. Bills are getting more difficult to pay these days, especially as my savings accounts diminish and my credit card balance rises. I should be working by now; I’m not. And on top of all this, my “friend” – he wasn’t my official boyfriend – and I just broke it off and I can’t really call him to share my struggles like I used to. Why is everything happening at the same time? 

And that’s where I stopped myself.  Lately, I have been challenging myself to remove the negative self-defeating thoughts and insert positive thoughts in their place. As mentioned in my “About Me” section, my favorite scripture is Romans 8:28, which basically states that All things happen for a reason. And this circumstance – even the unpleasant ones – all happen to make me a better person, regardless of how unpleasant it feels. Instead of raving about how wrong things are unfolding in my life right now, I’m going to boast about how wonderful it is. Be grateful that things aren’t worse than they are; look at the bright side of things.

And, despite whatever situation you find yourself in, I challenge you to do the same.

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