What to Expect at SpelHouse Homecoming

“Are you going to Spel-House Homecoming?” That’s the million dollar question amongst all Spelman and Morehouse alumni. My response: “Maybe.”

“Maybe?!” My brother, a current senior at Morehouse, exclaimed in astonishment. I explained, “I’d go, but I just don’t feel like being…”

1. Overdressed for a tailgate party.

It’s understood but never explained why Spel-House attenders will drop some serious money on a outfit, get their hair did, eyebrows did, nails did, and sometimes a bikini wax to attend a tailgating party. I graduated 4 years ago and I still don’t get it. I don’t feel like having to shop for a new outfit, one that doesn’t look like I tried too hard, but am naturally fly. I don’t feel like making an appointment at Keep It Natural Hair Salon, so Rikya Taylor can straighten out my natural kinks so that it will bounce and swing in the light wind that October brings to Atlanta. I don’t feel like making an eyebrow threading appointment at Hair Images to have my eyebrow designed into a flawless arch and applying make up tips from Tierra of Make-Up-By-Tierra. These talented hairstylists and estheticians will make my natural glamour shine. Only an over-price pair of shades would complete my look. But I don’t feel like doing all this just to attend an outdoor cookout.

2. Disappointed if the Morehouse Tigers lose. 

I love my Morehouse brothers, but thank God they have other things going for them besides their football team. From the years I was a student at Spelman, 2003 to 2007, I can remember the Morehouse Tigers winning one homecoming game. You can imagine our amazement when the Tigers won the Homecoming Game of 2007. One Morehouse man exclaimed, “No! We’re not suppposed to win our Homecoming Game. It doesn’t feel right.”

I’ll admit: I don’t ever watch the football game. I’m usually tailgating with the rest of my former classmates. But surprisingly, I am still disappointed each time I hear we’ve lost the game.

3. Hearing that my former classmates are engaged to a millionaire and planning a wedding in Maui.

My lovely Spelman sisters are going to have their engagement rings shined and blinging on this day. They are going make sure that you see their ring. And while their hand is waving in the air exposing their princess cut diamond ring, they’ll drop some hints to let you know how loaded their fiance´is. Just enough to make a unmarried woman with no prospects want to upchuck the hotdogs she devoured from the Alpha’s tent.

Who am I kidding? I can’t wait for Homecoming 2011.

2 thoughts on “What to Expect at SpelHouse Homecoming

  1. I’m sure everyone had a good time at Homecoming. I was hiking along the Havasu Falls…enjoying myself…thinking of SpelHouse festivities.


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