The Audacity of Blogging

In honor of my 10th post, I am reflecting on my blogging journey. I am proud of myself! After starting and stopping three blogs prior to this one, I am happy to announce that I have consistently updated Scribbles And Tostitos for two whole months! My topics have been intriguing, informative, and innovative; this is more than I could say about the previous blogs.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to merely share my writing skills. Writing is what I do when I’m stressed, happy, sad, or lovesick. If this is what I love to do, why not share it with those who can benefit from it? And that’s the mentality that motivated me to start this blog. Admittedly, there have been some days where I wonder who is reading it and at times I’ve been disappointed with the lack of feedback I’ve received. Some of my good friends have either failed to acknowledge the blog or failed to read it; whereas some of my acquaintances have provided constructive criticisms and feedback on ways for me to improve this blog. I noticed this trend after the third post, but promised myself that I wouldn’t be hung up on those that read it and those that don’t. This blog wasn’t intended for those that aren’t interested in reading it; I know that there are plenty of other readers who love reading my posts.

There are plenty of other blogs that I’ve read in the past that have changed my life. In a post, the blogger introduced me to a new concept; encouraged me to continue trusting in God, or made me laugh on a bad day. The blogs that have made the most impact on me were the ones that were touching that after reading it, I wanted to reach through my computer and give the writer a hug. In that moment, I could identify with the reader because I knew that I wasn’t crazy if she was experiencing the same feelings as me.

I was once afraid to start a blog for fear that people would judge me. In person, I can wear a mask, but in my writing my mask disappears. I continuously struggle with how personal to be. Should I reveal my current crush? Should I share that particular experience on my blog? Ok, if I admit this, people are going to think I am crazy! These thoughts run through my mind repeatedly before I hit the “publish” button. Yesterday, a creepy feeling came over me, what if a potential employer stumbled across this blog, hated my opinions, and as a result rescinded a job offer?

Ok, maybe I was going a little to far with that statement. But I can say this, I applaud bloggers who are transparent on their blogs – the ones who bare their soul on the web for readers like me to benefit from. Seldom do I judge an individual who admits her mistakes on her blog. In fact, after reading her story, I sit at my Mac in awe. This person had the audacity to share her story on the World Wide Web? Doesn’t she realize how silly and vulnerable she appears?  Like Rasheeda Matthews of the blog, A Better Part of Me, says “healing comes through sharing.” I am grateful to the bloggers who have touched me through their words.

On this blog, you’ll notice a hint of vulnerability. You’ll learn about my lessons learned, and you’ll learn what has made me the Strong Black Woman that writes today. I am proud of who I’ve become and who I am becoming. This blog conveys the process of me becoming comfortable in my own skin. I am tired of pretending I am someone I am not.  Of course, I will exercise wisdom in what I share and how I share it.

I want my blog to make an impact. I want it to reflect who I am in an unapologetic manner but still connect with others. I want it to enlighten, encourage, and entertain those who read it. I hope that Scribbles And Tostitos is what other blogs have been to me.

9 thoughts on “The Audacity of Blogging

  1. I can definitely identify with your fear of being vulnerable in public. No, you are not alone!! I always enjoy your posts, Jess! I really hope this blog grows and blossoms.


    • Thank you, Vanessa! Appreciate your support.

      PSA: If you all haven’t already please check out this Diva’s blog at where discloses all of her beauty tips 😉


  2. I really loved this post! I definitely agree with you and have been having a debate on how personal to be, how much to reveal, etc too. And you’re right – many more acquaintances and strangers have commented and sent me messages than my friends have. It’s really an interesting phenomenon. LOL…
    But as long as you’re telling your truth, that’s all that really matters. The rest is a bonus. Like Vanessa mentioned, I hope the blog (and you) continue to blossom.


    • Rae, I know!! It fascinates me. It really does. Here’s my theory: the people that truly know who you are as a person read your long e-mails and your writing when you need their editing advice, these people take you and your writing for granted. Your ideas, your opinions, your “musings” (everyone’s favorite word in the blogosphere) aren’t new, fresh, or interesting to them. They already know how (in my case) I feel about “Funny Christians” or marriage or whatever, so why would they take the time out of their busy schedule to read about it? I totally get it.

      Yes! The truth is powerful. Like a reader said “you’re so honest on your blog.” My response: no one wants to read lies! I look forward to this journey.


  3. I’m with you! I’ve had a blog on private for about a year now because like you stated, once the “public” button is hit, my masks disappears. I enjoy your post and you have a nice little place in my google reader =)


    • Hey! It’s great to hear from you. And you know what I did once, I released a personal post and took it back. But who am I kidding, once you hit publish there’s no turning back! Lol. I’d love to read your blog one day; let me know when you decide to go public.


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