Why Christians Are Hypocrites

I have a friend who is adamant in her belief that Christians are hypocrites. Now, she hasn’t always endorsed the belief that Christians are hypocrites. She grew up in a Christian household, but after a few bad experiences, she’s abandoned her faith. Her new hobby is pointing out the hypocritical things that Christians do.  We can be in a mall and if she hears secular music in a Christian bookstore, she’ll point out the contradiction: “How will the owner allow Rihanna’s Talk That Talk play at a Christian bookstore?” And when Bishop Eddie Long’s trial came to the forefront, she had a field day, tweeting things like “Eddie Long is the reason why I’d never step foot in a church.” In fact, in most cases I can’t even argue with her I am usually in agreement with her. Why is it that Christians will be the main ones gossiping about others? Why is it that Christians will go to church but fail to volunteer at the local organization or help those who are need? I know why. Because Christians are hypocrites.

For those of you who have sworn off Christianity, I get it. You see what we say and what we do aren’t exactly synonymous. After all, read my post about Why Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore. There, I give you plenty of excuses of why Christians are hypocrites. I could go on to tell you stories of how friends have turned their back on me in the name of “following the spirit of God.” I can tell you how five years ago, I confronted a friend about something she said to hurt my feelings. She Bible bashed me, using God’s word to curse me out.  I can tell you how on the school bus during my seventh grade in middle school, my Christian friend cussed out the bus driver so bad that she was banned from taking the bus to school. I can even tell you how I’ve handled situations inappropriately, despite my “walk with God.”  Upon hearing these stories,  you’ll probably nod in agreement. You’ll be happy to find proof that your assertion is correct: Christians are hypocrites.

But before you do that, I want to tell you that you are a hypocrite too. In fact, everyone on the face of this earth is a hypocrite.  There is no one who is immune to hypocrisy. We all believe that we should always tell the truth, yet all of us are guilty of telling a white lie. All of us have all said something to someone we didn’t mean. And we all have done things that don’t necessarily align with our beliefs and values.  How many times have you told a child “Don’t say that cuss word!” Yet you utter the same cuss word.

Now, I know you hate to admit it. You’re always so quick to point the finger at us Christians, but you have to admit. Christians are people and we have our shortcomings. We are not perfect, so why you feel the need to point us out amongst a multitude of people who are guilty of hypocrisy confuses me. The only difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is our philosophy and perspective on life. We admit that we are imperfect, and need a perfect being to help us throughout our life’s journey. I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a flawed individual who wishes she was more perfect than she actually is.

Everyone is a hypocrite. You, me, and all your friends and family. So while you point the finger at me, remember that you have four fingers pointing right back at yourself. We are all hypocrites in our own way.

Oh and Christians, can we at least make a conscious effort to be a little less hypocritical. Please?

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