I’m Back

Hi there Scribbles & Tostitos Readers,

I apologize for the looooong hiatus. What was meant to be a 3 week break ended up lasting for almost 3 months. For that, I apologize. HOWEVER, I am happy to say that during my hiatus was able to relax, release and rejuvenate and resume the blog updates with a refreshing perspective of Scribbles & Tostitos’ theme.

What’s the theme, you ask? Scribbles & Tostitos posts will chronicle my journey towards Self-Love.

I am a 20something Black woman who has often been afraid to be who I truly am. And admittedly, I have often been ashamed to be who I truly am. Cultivating self-love, self-respect, and a genuine relationship with yourself is what will make one successful in life. And I am committed to this journey. This journey, like many other journeys we take in life, may not lead to a final destination, for we can never love ourselves enough. But I am in it for the long-run.

With that being said, stay tuned for some more transparent blogs as I discover who I am, what I want, and how to love myself in the process.

I’d also like to bring your attention to an article that was posted in my NewsFeed entitled: “30 Things Every Black Woman Should Have And Know By 30.” ENJOY!

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