Meet My Natural Hair

I want to start sharing my natural hair stories because Lord knows us natural sistas need to create a network and exchange natural hair tips. It’s not easy being au naturale. In order for you to learn something from my stories, I’d have to introduce you to my hair.

I get a kick out of treating objects as things and giving them a personality. For instance, my car’s name is Lexi. My Toyota Corolla S is sexy, cool, dependable and is good on gas. We get along great. In fact, I recently named a friend’s Hyundai Blantra “Byron.” He was well pleased with it, and I’m happy to name your car, if interested. But I digress.

My hair is no different from other inanimate objects. She has a personality too. The only thing about my hair is that her personality is interestingly similar to mine. Let me explain.

She likes to be left alone.

Like me, my hair likes to be left alone. Don’t bother with it too much; it’s cool kickin’ it with little maintenance. In other words, my hair is not the type of hair that likes to be fiddled with daily. I can’t flat iron it everyday and expect for it to be healthy, shiny, and bouncy. What my hair does like, however, is moisturizers. Just put some moisturizer and let her go. She’s happy, healthy, and grows fast in her natural state.

Urbanella Signature Series hair products work the best for my hair. I use No. 7 Non-Lather Cleanser (shampoo), followed by No. 4 Hydrating Conditioner. These products are excellent; they give my hair the moisture it needs. Particularly the shampoo is awesome because it does not strip my hair of moisture like shampoos typically do. I can use it each day and not notice a difference in my hair’s hydration. I am still searching for a leave-in conditioner, however, I was using Phyto 9, and it was working wonders two years ago, but when I recently purchased it in November, it didn’t work anymore.

It appears strong, but don’t let that tough exterior fool you; it’s extremely sensitive.

When most people see my afro they think it’s tough. They think my hair can tolerate heat and the daily combing. But they’re wrong. Given the extreme coarseness of my hair, it breaks easily.  To prevent breakage, I keep it as hydrated as possible and comb gently. The edges of my hair are in fact the weakest. Like many of my other sisters out there, my hair has been the victim of brutal-hair-braiding. You know, the hair braiders, usually Africans, who braid your baby hair, that’s meant to lie in on your forehead. Heck, they’ll even braid your eyebrows if you let them.

Thanks to years of tight hair braiding, I have a bit of breakage around the sides. I treat it with Peppermint oil. Two times a day, I rub some peppermint oil on my temples. It has been a slow process, but I do see some improvement around my sides. I also take try to take Biotin vitamins everyday. Biotin vitamins keep my hair healthy. When I use them frequently, I notice a change in my hair’s fullness, hydration, and shine.

It has expensive taste.

I used to try to shortchange my hair by only using  products like Suave and Patene Pro V. When I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, a friend who is also natural said to me, “If you use cheap products, you’ll get cheap hair!” And she was correct.

I spend a lot of money on my hair because it’s only the pricier products that tend to bring about the results I want. I truly believe that if you want nice healthy hair you have to invest in quality products, and unfortunately the quality products are expensive.

It gets bored easily.

I am always trying new products because the product that once had an effect on my hair, later loses its effect (like Phyto 9 mentioned above). This gives me an excuse to go out and experiment with new products and before you know it, I’ll turn into  a connoisseur of all things natural hair.

It needs some TLC.

Everyone needs some tender, love, and care. My hair is no different. My hair regimen is a lengthy one.

  1. Rub Urbanella’s No. 4 conditioner in the hair and take down Kinky twists
  2. Wash hair, using Urbanella’s No. 7.
  3. Rub Urbanella’ No. 4  hair conditioner throughout the hair, combing product all the way through
  4. Leave conditioner in hair from anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours. I often put on a plastic cap and sleep with conditioner in my hair
  5. Wash out conditioner
  6. Use Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream or Urbanella No. 9 Hair Shine Butter to twist hair
  7. Spray twists with Organic Root Stimulator’s Sheen
  8. Freshen up the twists with No. 9 Hair Shine Butter throughout the week.

It’s slightly off beat

My hair hears the beat of a different drummer. I will curl my hair to the left, it will fall to the right. I will twist it and it will come loose within seconds. It’s full of various textures, a loose curl in the back, tightly coiled in the middle and a medium curl in the front. To top off all of these eccentricities, my hair is not even black. It’s off black and brown. Even a gallon of hair sheen won’t make my hair shine. To me, it often appears “ashy.”

I am still working to find the appropriate color to make it appear shiny. If you have any suggestions, help a sista out!! And since my hair has the tendency to do its own thing sometimes, I have stylish hats and scarfs in my wardrobe. When it’s being unruly, I slap on a hat and scarf and leave it alone.

I tell people who want to make the transition from permed to natural hair that they’ll need two things: a hat and a sense of humor. A hat to put on when the hair doesn’t want to behave and a sense of humor so that she’ll be patient enough to endure the hairs unique tendencies.

One thing that I’ve learned is even though my hair might resemble that of another, but it is does not have the same personality. Gone are the days that I follow people’s hair advice who think have the same hair as me. I have to experiment and create my own solutions to my hair’s extreme dryness. And as the reader, you may notice that these products don’t work for you as they work for me. You’ll have to find what works for you; I am only sharing what my hair likes.  What works for one Black woman with kinky hair will not work for another. That’s what I find so amazing a Black woman’s hair. The texture is never the same across many people. It has been a long 6 years discovering my hair’s personality. But I’m glad I have finally articulated it on this blog.

Mr. Perfect

Whenever I like a guy, I fall hard.

I am that chick that will take a 4am phone call from Him as He’s driving home, just so He won’t fall asleep at the wheel.

I am that chick that will believe in Him when the world has turned its back on Him.

I am that chick that will drive an hour to sit with Him during His long day of study, and not without TOSTITOS in hand!

I am that chick that will find out what His interests are and find things in the Atlanta area to match it.

I am that chick that thinks the world of Him. Nope, doesn’t think His body is too big or too small. Doesn’t think He’s too nerdy. Doesn’t think He’s anything less than what He is – perfect.

I am that chick.

So when the one guy that could once light up my day with a stroke of a send button on his Blackberry stops all communication, it sends me on a downward spiral of sleepless nights, anxiety, and just pure frustration with the dating world. Someone seemingly so perfect turned his back on me.

Obviously, He wasn’t as perfect I thought. Mr. Perfect thinks the world of me. Mr. Perfect will take that 4am phone call from me as I’m driving home, just so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Mr. Perfect believes in me when the world has turned its back on me. Mr. Perfect will drive an hour just to sit with me during my long day of work, and not without TOSTITOS in hand.

And most importantly, Mr. Perfect would never avoid my phone calls, text messages, or e-mails. Mr. Perfect doesn’t blow me off. Mr. Perfect thinks I’m so valuable, that he seizes every opportunity to show me how much he cares. He has decided that I am the one that he’s going to make every effort to be with.

That’s my Mr. Perfect and He is who I am waiting for.

Unreasonable Enough to Change the World


Daniel Epstein, Founder, Unreasonable at Sea & Unreasonable Institute

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By: Kobi Ansong (


Atlanta, Georgia – June 2, 2012 – Take a group of brilliant tech entrepreneurs and world-class mentors, throw them on the world’s fastest cruise liner, and circumnavigate the globe. Sound unreasonable?  Good.


In Spring 2013, a grand partnership between Unreasonable Institute, Semester at Sea, and Stanford’s d.School will give birth to Unreasonable at Sea.  The program will take a group of technology entrepreneurs to 14 international locations including Japan, China, India, South Africa, and Spain.


Only ventures that have the potential to solve the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges will be selected. Unreasonable at Sea will open doors for participants to expand their ventures internationally. In each port, they will explore economies and form key relationships with top government officials, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs. 


Daniel Epstein, 26, is the founder of Unreasonable Institute and Unreasonable at Sea.  His experiences abroad with Semester at Sea as a college student changed his perspective forever and led to the creation of the Unreasonable Institute.  Now, his program has come full circle and returned to the place it began.


From the rickshaw taxi drivers of India to the street vendors of Ghana, entrepreneurship sustains people across the globe. Epstein began to see the world through the lens of an entrepreneur while on Semester at Sea.


“When you get off at the ports and you walk through the streets, you realize that everybody is an entrepreneur,” said Epstein.


Unreasonable at Sea holds an unwavering conviction that entrepreneurship will solve the world’s grand challenges. 


“When entrepreneurs look at problems or challenges, they see solutions and opportunities,” said Epstein. “I think that’s the type of thinking that we really need.”


George Bernard Shaw once said, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable on persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”


Unreasonable entrepreneurs may apply at