Why We Should Not Seek Relationship Advice From Others

You want to kill a relationship with the Man of Your Dreams? Seek relationship advice from someone else about how to sustain it.

Now, I’m not against all relationship advice that others have given. Sheesh, I’ve given some of my own and for that I’d like to insert a disclaimer: Please use common sense and your intuition before taking my advice. I am no expert. I just tell it like I see it.

One day when I’m feeling brave, I will disclose the details surrounding the situation that brought me to this point, but for now, I’ll just tell you why we don’t need “Relationship Experts” to give us advice on our love life.

1. Your intuition tells you everything you need to know.

Really. You are smarter than you think. That small voice inside of you is your intuition, the Holy Spirit, your inner voice, and it will guide you if you let it. Listen to it!

2. You are the relationship expert in your own relationship.

I don’t care how much information you share about your relationship with your girlfriends; she will never understand the fullness of your relationship. One of the things I value about relationships are its sacredness, the fact that no one knows the intricate details, the inside jokes, and the blissful moments that the couple shares. Those things, if not impossible, are extremely difficult to convey to an outsider. So, before you seek advice, remember you are the Expert in the relationship.

3. You are just seeking opinions because no one knows the truth.

The thing to remember about relationships is that relationships are not a  Science. There are no hardcore instructions on how to make it work. You can follow the guide book and still not achieve the desired outcomes.

4. There are a lot of bitter jealous women out there.

My situation was confusing at times, overwhelming at others, and exhilarating all the time. I felt that I needed to seek guidance from others about how to handle it, so I asked advice from “friends.” Depending on who I asked, I got a different response!  Nothing was consistent. People had so many different perspectives and it all depended on their relationship history. Women who had fulfilling relationships with men were more likely to be supportive of my relationship. The woman who had bad relationships with men who cheated were more likely to say, “He’s lying to you. Don’t believe him.” In retrospect, I should have just followed the advice from my male friends. Their advice was very neutral, very diplomatic and provided more insight into my significant other’s behavior than any of my female friends could have. Leaving each conversation with these characters left me more confused than before.

This epiphany came to me after a heart – to – heart conversation with a guy, the Special Someone who had been in my life. I regret seeking guidance from so many bitter, opinionated, and happy-go-lucky people. Moving forward, I will be tight-lipped about my relationships. This gives me an opportunity to seek guidance from within. Don’t get me wrong, I still seek other’s opinion when I need to, but their suggestion does not serve as a guide anymore. And to any other relationship bloggers or so-called-experts, I am reading your blogs with a critical eye too. You don’t know the truth.

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