My Best Dates Ever

I didn’t want to leave you avid S&T readers on a bad note from previous post, so I decided to lighten up the mood a little bit with stories of my best dates ever. I’m a lucky girl. I’ve had more good dates in my dating career than bad dates. And my career is not over yet 🙂

Date 1 -A Walk to Breakfast

I mentioned in my previous post that my worst date and best date were with the same guy. (Ironic isn’t it?) On one of my best dates ever, Boy and I met at a train station and took a leisurely walk one Saturday morning around Boston’s Fenway and Brighton neighborhoods. Boston is a commuter friendly city and on that particular day, the weather was gorgeous, warm with a light breeze.  We both had never been in these neighborhoods, so it was like sight-seeing in a new city.  It was our first date, but since we hit it off instantly the night before, we had a lot to talk about. When we got hungry, we stopped at a quaint restaurant to ate breakfast. I’m not sure if Boy had any plans for this date, but that’s okay because in this case spontaneity was a plus.

Date 2 – Ice Skating

This boy and I had met two weeks prior to our first date. In the two weeks that we knew each other, we texted, chatted online, and talked on the phone incessantly, so we were both equally excited for our first date. We wanted to do something unique; something different from your average dinner and a movie and when he jokingly proposed the idea of ice skating, I laughed and exclaimed, “That’s perfect!” There’s nothing that will break the ice more than ice skating, falling, and literally “breaking the ice.” Our conversations leading up the first date flowed so naturally, however, that we didn’t need any assistance in striking up conversations.

Ice skating allowed us to work up an appetite and we ate at a local Chinese restaurant. We were the only ones in the restaurant when we we arrived at 4pm, but by 6pm, the restaurant was getting busy. Our conversation was so intriguing that we hadn’t noticed the server giving us the side-eye. We were occupying one of her tables and she needed it to seat someone else.  We left the restaurant and finished our conversation at a Starbucks nearby. At Starbucks we chatted for another hour an a half. Our date ended 6.5 hours after it began, making this date not only one of the best dates ever but also one of the longest dates ever.

Date 3 – Dinner and Drinks

The funny thing about this date is that it wasn’t supposed to be a date! My new friend in a new city I was residing in at the time wanted to show me around.  We made arrangements to meet at my hotel lobby at 7:00pm but because I thought he would be on CP (Colored People) time, I wasn’t ready until about 7:30pm.

He took me to a shopping mall and restaurant. Our conversation over dinner was extremely interesting and he was so animated and engaging that I loss track of time. The restaurant closed before our conversation ended and we had to continue it at a bar. Now, for those of you who know me know that I don’t drink alcohol. But since he asked me out for drinks, I thought he drank. We were happily surprised when we got to the bar and I ordered a Sprite and he ordered a Malta.  We continued chatting, totally oblivious to the other people in the room. At 10pm my eyes started to get heavy and his did too, but we didn’t want to leave each other. Finally, at around 11pm, I insisted that he walk me to my hotel. We chatted for a moment at the hotel elevators before saying goodbye. Upon walking into my room and throwing myself across the bed, I reached for my private journal on the nightstand and wrote. “This boy gave me my best date ever!”

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