Natural Hair Woes: Thinning Edges

I took down my sew-in during the weekend and discovered that my edges are thinning. Alopecia and thinning hairlines run in my family and I’ve inherited it too. The stress of a full-head weave on my edges was not helping my hairline; in fact, it was making it worse. Because of this, I am giving my hair a little time to relax, rejuvenate, and re-grow. This sounds good in theory, but I am having the toughest time styling my hair in a manner that will not put stress on my edges.

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Because The White Doll Is Prettier Than The Black Doll

I chose the White Doll because she was prettier than the Black one.
– My Seven Year Old Niece

Black Friday sucks everyone in, even a second grader. For the past few weeks, my niece has been nagging her parents to buy her a “Baby Alive” doll for Christmas. She even dragged her dad to Toys R Us to pick out her first Christmas gift on Black Friday. See a picture of her selection below.

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