A Man’s New Pick-Up Line

OK, men, I get it. Her beauty puts you at a loss for words. Her presence may even put you on edge: you stutter when you’re suppose to talk smoothly. You stare when you’re supposed to smile cooly. You offer a girly giggle when you’re suppose to flash one of your mysterious smirks.  You are nervous when that beautiful woman crosses your path. But why does that anxiety make a woman regret giving you a millisecond of their time? Let me explain.Read More »

Free Write Friday #2: Why I Heart Beyoncé

Beyonce Pic CI don’t make much commentary on pop culture nowadays because frankly, I don’t care about it. Very few artists on the scene inspire me and on a typical day, I listen to music from artists who do not even live in the United States.

Beyoncé is the epitome of Pop Culture today. This leading lady is an icon: sold-out concerts, numerous awards and accolades, commercials, and product lines. I cannot listen to the radio for 10 minutes without at least one of Beyoncé’s songs playing, and while I enjoy her music and can sing every word to her hits, (Get Me Bodied is my favorite.) she never really did much for me.Read More »

Conversation With The Ex

ConversationWithEx - PhotoHim: Hi, How are you?

What You Want To Say: What in the world do you want? Oh Gosh, I’ve been thinking about you all day. Is that why you just texted me right now? Happens all the time. I thought about you and now you’re texting me. Dang it!

What You Really Say: Hi, I am fabulous! How are you?

Him: I’m doing great. How’s life? How’s your family? Work?

What You Want To Say: You have no business knowing what I’m doing in my life anymore. Stop acting like you care, because if you cared, we’d be together right now.Read More »

Free Write Friday #1 – Valentine’s Day Reflections

ValentinesDay Reflections Main Image

I live my life according schedules, lists, Google calendars, and starred items in my G-mail inbox. My blog posts are scheduled, social gatherings scheduled, gym time scheduled and each item on my To Do List must be marked completed before I fall asleep each night. Luckily for me, this routine has been the reason I have been successful, but unfortunately, my schedules and lists are a recipe for BURNOUT.

ValentinesDay - Task List

So, a break from the monotony is needed. Today, I’m starting a routine called Free-Write Friday, where I discuss any and everything that’s on my mind. I don’t know how long this will last or if this will even be a weekly thing, but I’m starting now, and we’ll see how this goes.

Here are my random thoughts from Valentine’s Day.

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A Love Story for Valentine’s Day

Love Story - Main PicValentine’s days in middle school were always fun and interesting.

Girls distributed candy and Valentine cards to everyone they knew. Boys gave their girlfriends chocolate covered hearts and teachers made pitiful attempts to teach a class full of distracted students.

This particular Valentine’s Day started off as nothing special. I received the usual Valentine’s gift from my Mom – a red Guess t-shirt, a Valentine’s day card, a teddy bear, Snickers, Skittles, and a heart shaped balloon. My hands were pretty full, but these were the typical presents I usually received from Mom on Valentine’s Day.

I arrived at school at my normal time, greeted my girl friends as usual, and exchanged presents with them. This was the normal routine for a Valentine’s Day in middle school. Nothing special.

In fact, nothing special occurred until lunchtime. In middle school, all things interesting occurred during lunch time.Read More »

Single Ladies’ Guide for Getting a Date for Valentine’s Day

Single Ladies' Guide - Be Mine Photo

Many single women around the globe are quietly thinking to themselves, “Now, how will I find a date for Valentine’s Day?” Look no further; S&T’s has the formula for attracting the man you want.


Here it is:


“What?” You’re asking.

LISTEN to him while he speaks to you.

 You’re puzzled, I know.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.Read More »

Love Letter


Dear Yaa,

You are an awesome woman. I admire your ability to give of yourself – time, resources, listening ear, advice, sympathy, support – to others freely. I admire your ability to write. Your blog is outstanding. Your ideas are creative and your style of writing is unique. I appreciate your gift. I love that you want to grow. I admire that you want to have a healthy, fulfilling, relationship with a man one day. And I know he’ll appear in your life soon. When you see him,  you will appreciate him because he is everything you hoped for.Read More »

My Abuser (Part III): Tips for Dealing with The Inner Me

This post is Part III of my “Abuser” series. To catch up on the series, click on My Abuser and My Abuser (Part II): Story Behind the Post.

Woman Distraught

Two months ago, I shared with you my struggles with low self-esteem. I mentioned that oftentimes I felt like my inner voice was verbally abusive and at times, I was difficult for me to cope. I challenged you and anyone else struggling with low self-esteem to find a way to overcome these feelings of inadequacy.

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