Single Ladies’ Guide for Getting a Date for Valentine’s Day

Single Ladies' Guide - Be Mine Photo

Many single women around the globe are quietly thinking to themselves, “Now, how will I find a date for Valentine’s Day?” Look no further; S&T’s has the formula for attracting the man you want.


Here it is:


“What?” You’re asking.

LISTEN to him while he speaks to you.

 You’re puzzled, I know.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

You’re at a social gathering – something sweet and cozy in someone’s home – and you see a man admiring you from across the room. You find him attractive, so you smile at him. You two make eye contact. You’re already engaged in a casual conversation with the girl friends you came with, but you’re not really listening to her. Your mind is focused on the stud staring back at you. You’re waiting for his approach.

You smile. Let your eyes linger at him for about 3 seconds, then look away. You notice, from the corner of your eye, he’s starting to make his way over to you. Finally, after what seems like eternity, he approaches you. He introduces himself. You introduce yourself. And he says something like, “This is a lovely event.” You say, “It sure is.”

You ask, “What brought you to this event?”

He begins speaking, “I heard about this event from one of my buddies. I was home not really doing anything and my homeboy kept nagging me about this shindig, and I didn’t really want to go but…”

Now it’s time to unleash your formula.

Pretend like he is the only person in the room. Hang on to his every word. Do not check your friends’ Facebook status on your iPhone, plan your meal for tomorrow night, prepare your response to his statements. And don’t look down at the floor; your feet aren’t going anywhere.

Let him know that you are actively engaged in the conversation. Make eye contact. Smile. Paraphrase what he is saying to you. Ask clarifying questions. Laugh at his jokes. Nod your head. Twirl your hair. Bat your eyelashes.

Don’t talk about yourself until he invites you into the conversation. If he has manners, he’ll ask you, “What brought you to this event?”

Answer. Laugh. Smile. Show off your glowing personality!

Let the conversation flow. If there’s am awkward silence in the conversation, then ask him about sports. Men like sports. You don’t know anything about sports? No problem! Ask something like, “Did you see that Hawks game last night?” And let him speak. Probe, “Why don’t you like [insert player’s name here]?”

Next thing you know, he’ll feel so appreciated. He’ll think that this is the best conversation he’s ever had.

Then, he will ask you for your number.

Your girl friends will be on the sidelines watching you. They’ll think you’re flirting. They’ll tease you. Don’t mind them. You’re just being an ACTIVE listener.

Men – people in general – love an active listener.

Don’t believe me?

Try it.

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