Free Write Friday #1 – Valentine’s Day Reflections

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I live my life according schedules, lists, Google calendars, and starred items in my G-mail inbox. My blog posts are scheduled, social gatherings scheduled, gym time scheduled and each item on my To Do List must be marked completed before I fall asleep each night. Luckily for me, this routine has been the reason I have been successful, but unfortunately, my schedules and lists are a recipe for BURNOUT.

ValentinesDay - Task List

So, a break from the monotony is needed. Today, I’m starting a routine called Free-Write Friday, where I discuss any and everything that’s on my mind. I don’t know how long this will last or if this will even be a weekly thing, but I’m starting now, and we’ll see how this goes.

Here are my random thoughts from Valentine’s Day.

ValentinesDay - WomanGetFlowers

Valentine’s Day is actually Female Appreciation Day.

While driving in the car yesterday, I heard a DJ on V-103 call Valentine’s Day “Female Appreciation Day.” His reason: men do not care about Valentine’s Day. “Valentine’s Day,” he said, “is just an excuse to buy women something nice. Men hardly get anything for Valentine’s Day.”

I concur with his statements. And would like to add – Valentine’s Day must be a tough day for men. In recent years, the more I heard about the flowers, candies, massages, dinners, and other surprises that occurred for my girl friends, the more angry I became at the special someone in my life who failed to do any of these things. Most times, I believe men give flowers so that they won’t be in the doghouse when they get home.

ValentinesDay - Roses

Shout out to the girl friend who gave me a bouquet of pink and orange roses for Valentine’s Day.

Okay, so maybe it was a Google image, but who cares; it is the thought that counts.

Which brings me to another point…

I will start buying my friends and family members Valentine gifts.

Why not? There is no one on this planet that I love more than my family and close friends. Spread the love to others regardless of whether they are a romantic interest or not.

ValentinesDay - HATE V-Day

Next year, I will hate Valentine’s Day.

The love story I shared with you yesterday about the boy who asked me out on Valentine’s Day has been the only time I’ve had a Valentine on LOVE Day. And get this: I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Each year for the past 14 years, I have been a happy single, who yearned for a bouquet of roses to be delivered at work with a note that read, “I love you, Love, Your Special Someone” to me on LOVE Day. It has never happened.

I am not complaining; I am pointing out the irony. I have friends who are happy about being in relationships but HATE Valentine’s Day. These are the same people who ALWAYS get gifts for LOVE Day!

My rationale is that I should hate Valentine’s Day too; that way I will always get a gift from that special someone on the Day of Love.

I love my family.

Two of my brothers, my niece, my cousin, and my mom all ate dinner at a swanky restaurant downtown. I love them. To me, that was a perfect ending to a lovely Valentine’s Day.

ValentinesDay - Zumba

Working, event planning, writing, zumba-ing, and dining out with family is a good way to spend Valentine’s Day.

And this is precisely what I did.

Flashlight App

Flashlight app for iPhone is a LIFE saver!

My glasses got lost last night in the dark restaurant. My younger brother looked at me skeptically, “Where is your flashight app?” as I pitifully tried to find my glasses with the light on my phone. My older brother, who has the flashlight app, found the glasses at ease. “Here it is!” he said, “Now download the Flashligh app.”

I did. I saw the light and now I’m asking you, “Where is your flashlight app?”

Love Day has a way of making one feel sentimental and miss people you’re not supposed to miss.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this.

ValentinesDay - Ghana Flag

I heart talking to my Dad.

My father is currently on vacation / business trip in his hometown in Ghana. He called to wish me a Valentine’s Day and he really made my day. He told me about the wonderful experiences he was having! Hearing about his trip brought back home brought back fun memories of my time spent there in 2009.

Text Message

In-depth conversations with good friends make my life a little better.

I enjoyed an incredible conversation about hopes, aspirations, and life with a good friend. Where would I be without her? I hope I never find out.

I will not be going on a Carnival cruise anytime soon.

How about you?

I got really happy in Zumba class with the instructor played this song:

RIP Michael Jackson, I miss you.

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