Did You Read My Blog? & Other Questions I Won’t Ask You

Did You Read My Blog?

Prior to starting Scribbles & Tostitos, I started another blog called YaaYaaWrites. Call it an introduction, if you will, to the world of blogging. I was ecstatic and proud of my hard work. I e-mailed the link to close friends and relatives and anxiously waited for feedback. [Cue the sound of crickets chirping here.] I’m proud of you! Was the only response I received and it was from my mother who is required to think I’m the best in whatever I do. I’d ask people “Did you read my blog?” Their response fell into one of three categories

  1.  No and I don’t care to read it
  2. Oh, wait you have a blog? Cool But I still don’t care to read it.
  3. I read it, so what? Everyone has a blog.

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