Did You Read My Blog? & Other Questions I Won’t Ask You

Did You Read My Blog?

Prior to starting Scribbles & Tostitos, I started another blog called YaaYaaWrites. Call it an introduction, if you will, to the world of blogging. I was ecstatic and proud of my hard work. I e-mailed the link to close friends and relatives and anxiously waited for feedback. [Cue the sound of crickets chirping here.] I’m proud of you! Was the only response I received and it was from my mother who is required to think I’m the best in whatever I do. I’d ask people “Did you read my blog?” Their response fell into one of three categories

  1.  No and I don’t care to read it
  2. Oh, wait you have a blog? Cool But I still don’t care to read it.
  3. I read it, so what? Everyone has a blog.

Now, my friends aren’t rude, so of course they didn’t say it quite like I just did, but they might as well have because that’s what I heard. I invest a lot of time, energy, effort, and myself in my writing. Countless hours are spent cataloging ideas, and researching to create good blog post for you. I wanted you to read it. I wanted you to like it. I wanted your feedback. My feelings would be hurt every time someone refused to read my blog.

Nowadays, I don’t ask this question. Your decision to read my blog or not does not influence me. I will write whether you choose to read me or not. If you enjoy tuning in to Scribbles & Tostitos Blog each Tuesday and Thursday to hear what I have to say, I am honored. If not, the exit window is on the left.

How’s your ex-boyfriend?

You know that your homegirl and her beau broke up, so why are you ASKING about him? You have no idea the pain that she is living through, the tears that flood her eyes when she lies her head down on her pillow each night, or the anger she feels whenever that daggone song plays on the radio. She wants to scream. And now here you come being NOSY asking about her ex. Shut up.

Are you pregnant?

Ladies, you can be obviously preggars: feet swollen, stomach poking out, rubbing your tummy and complaining about back aches and I still will not acknowledge your pregnant tummy unless I know for sure that you are indeed pregnant. Falsely congratulating someone on their pregnancy is one of worst insults you can give, so I’ll spare you from the potential insult.

Why are you single?

This question is one of the worst questions you can ever ask someone. In it, you’re implying that something is gravely wrong with the single person.

For women, this question is painful. Many of us want to be married, or in serious relationships and there are so many factors that are out of our control that is preventing us from doing so.

For men, on the other hand, this question is valid. It’s rude to ask, yes. But think about it. If you’re a man and you are in your late 30’s and early 40’s and still chasing women like you’re in early 20’s. What’s really going on?


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