Free Write Friday #3: Writer’s Block

Deciding on a topic on this Friday morning was a bit of a challenge. For the past 90 minutes, I have been perusing through the notes app on my iPhone and other pre-crafted blog entries. None of them striked me as anything I’d like to publish today.

Bloggers face a great deal of tension while crafting material for their personal websites. How much do we reveal about myself without compromising our privacy and the privacy of others? What if we are misunderstood? How will others perceive us after they have read our blog?

Don’t get me wrong, S&T readers, I have been extremely transparent on my blog thus far. I’ve shared things with you that have required a lot of guts and I am pleased with my posts thus far. However, sometimes, I want to hold back. I want to keep those  gems — incidents, thoughts, and stories –to myself. One day, I’ll hit the publish button, but right now, I’d like to password protect those jewels.

Although I am back to my regular Tuesday/Thursday/Friday blogging schedule, I am up against a real challenge. How do I create blog entries that will edify and entertain my readers while still holding back pieces of me? Blogging about personal things is an art. Bloggers must make the reader feel like s/he knows her, without divulging too much information. I never want you to ever feel like I’m not being authentic with you, but at the same time, I do want to maintain some level of privacy. How do I do this?

I took a 3 month hiatus and I still cannot answer this question. So I’ll bring it to you S&T readers, how do bloggers master the art of baring their soul but still maintain their privacy? And, help me out, what would you like me to write about on S&T? Please leave me a note in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!