Stuff Not To Say To Your Single 30-Something Friend

I wanted to jump, spin, do my church dance and yell “HALLELUJAH” when I read this post last night. The writer’s remarks about the ridiculous remarks people make to single people is on point. I’m not in my 30’s yet, but the article below still applies.

Next time I am asked a question like “How is your love life?,” from an unfamiliar married person, I will reply, “How’s the married life treating you?” And a question like, “Why are you still single?” will receive a response like, “Why are you married?”

Happy Reading!



1 thought on “Stuff Not To Say To Your Single 30-Something Friend”

  1. LOL Can we send this out as a mass email to friends and families everywhere?

    I’m not 30 yet either, but my grandmother has begun to ask me why I don’t have a boyfriend when I’m such a great young lady… SMH!

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