For The Man Who Says He’s Not Intimidated (Part 2)

I really hate when women say guys are intimidated because none are. What we are at times is deeply overawed & impressed by your degrees, attitude, classiness, and achievements. What we are at times is fearful that you’ll be the stereotypical feminist/ I cant wait to out perform a man…as if there was a competition. What we really fear is that while you’ve accomplished things like good credit, career, degrees, and a home that you’ll still miserably fail to respect me as a man.

Male S&T Reader


For The Man Who Says He’s Not Intimidated (Part I) inspired an incredible discussion in my comment section. Thank you to all those who commented. I have not forgotten you. In fact, my plan is respond to your comments when I can.

Now on to the purpose of Part 2. I wanted to discuss this in Part 1, but I did not want to elongate the post or depart from my initial message.

What I failed to tell you is that one year following the guy and my last date, he sent me a text message. We hadn’t been in contact previously, so it was a bit of a surprise for me to hear from him. The first text was pretty simple; he just wanted to know how I was doing. But the second text, where he told me how he was doing, put a smile to my face. It read:

I just wanted to let you know I got into a college here in Boston. I’ll be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am hoping it’ll help me manage my career. I haven’t made my way to Atlanta yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be there soon.


I let out a joyful noise when I read his text message. His message made my day. The fact that I was diligent in my pursuit of academic degrees inspired him and in return, he wanted to inform me about his accomplishments. Perhaps what we ladies refer to as intimidation could be the opposite. Maybe he is really overly impressed by who you are and what you have accomplished; maybe he is feeling a bit insecure that he hasn’t accomplished as much. Or maybe he aspires to be just as successful as you some day.

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