I Think I Found Mr. Right

mr-rightA woman gets tired of being let down. She gets tired of men cheating on her; she gets tired of being a man’s back-up plan. She gets tired of being mistreated. Time after time, her boyfriend breaks his promises and her eyes have no more tears to shed. Understanding that a dream must be written in order for it to be real, I recently wrote these words down in my journal. At that time, there was no ‘Mr. Right’ in the picture, but I was rest assured that with a little faith and patience, these words will one day be true. 

I met this guy who is PERFECT for me! Lord, thank you, thank you for saving me for him. He was sure worth the wait and even the heartbreaks that it took me to find him. It’s almost as if you created him for me. We mesh so well together. Like me,  he values family, education, loyalty, ambition, and a relationship with you. He even is celibate and is waiting until marriage to have sex! He is my same age, with only a few months older than me. Our experiences mirror one another. He is financially savvy and makes a lot of money. He doesn’t cheat and he doesn’t sneak around. He gives me space, but still makes time for us. Each day he strives to do something that shows his appreciation for me. He often says he doesn’t deserve me. He says that I am the best thing that could have ever happened to him.Read More »