The Only Thing I Want To Hear From An Ex

moving on quoteYou’re finally over the guy you thought rocked your world. It was a messy breakup so you two did not remain friends. In fact, you can’t remember the last time he crossed your mind. When you two initially broke up, you felt like the world was ending. But now, you’re smarter, wiser, and have a little bit more pep in your step. You’ve realized that his departure from your life was one of the best things that has ever happened to you.

It’s been three years since you two broke up. But your friends – the same ones who used to tell you that you were behaving foolishly for dating such a jerk – are the same ones giving you updates on his recent whereabouts. You want to tell them to “shut up” with the news updates, but you also don’t want to come across as a bitter and resentful ex-girlfriend. It’s not that you’re still angry at him for what he did to you, it’s just that you no longer care what he’s doing anymore. His actions; his whereabouts; and who he’s sleeping with have nothing to do with your happiness anymore.

Thanks to your friends, however, you know where he lives. You know that he’s married. You also know that he has a son that resembles him. While it was a bit obnoxious when they broke the news to you, what annoyed you even more was the way they broke the news to you, “I’m sorry, Yaa, but he’s married now. But you’re so much cuter than his wife!” The look in their eyes and the hand on your shoulder makes you feel like they are comforting you. You look at them, look at their hand and think, Why are they telling me this? But you shrug it off and continue with whatever you’re doing.

It continues. The news updates on his latest job situation and the fact that he is currently in your city on business. Finally, you can’t take it anymore. You blurt out, “Could you please STOP updating me on my ex! Seriously, the only thing I want you to update me on is if he is experiencing a serious complication that is jeopardizing his health. I wish him well and everything, but please, I do not need the play-by-play of life. It has nothing to do with me.”

She’s a bit taken aback, for your outburst was a stark contrast from your typically sweet nature. But you don’t care. In order for you to move on with your life, the updates had to stop. But you can’t help but wonder whether your comments were a bit harsh. Is it wrong to burn bridges and never look back? No, is how I would respond to that question. Sometimes, in life, we must wish the person well, be adamant in our decision to fully extract him from our lives, and let go of any harbored resentment. By doing so, we are giving ourselves the freedom to fully take advantage of the better opportunities that are coming your way. For, the best is yet to come.

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