She Said What?!?!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m happy-go-lucky personality, who always tries to find the silver-lining in any situation. But, sometimes, I’m tempted. I’m tempted to grab my boxing gloves and show off the not-so-nice part of Yaa in order to let people know that it’s NOT okay to say everything to pops up into your mind.

It’s almost as if people speak before they think and if you’re like me, you’re often on the receiving end of thoughtless comments. I still believe that people have pure intentions; they don’t mean to offend you, but they do. Why not keep a running list of things to NEVER say to someone. I’ll list mine, and you can list yours in the comment section.Read More »

That Simple Word That’s Hard To Say

That Simple Word That Is Hard To Say No

On this blog, I discuss my journey towards self-acceptance and high self-esteem. One of the quickest way to gauge self-esteem is to rate self-respect. An indicator of self-respect is one’s ability to say “no” when needed. It’s only the 16th day of the new year, but it seems as though 2014 will teach me how to say that two-letter word.

For a people pleaser like me, the consequences of telling someone “no” is something I fear. What if the person rescinds their friendship? What if I am no longer perceived as a “nice” girl? Or, better yet, what if I feel guilty afterwards.

At first thought, these fears appear valid. No one wants to be perceived as a jerk. I want to have as many friends as possible, and guilt is a companion that no one wants to live with. But what I have failed to realize until now is that saying “yes” to every request will only make me unhappy, bitter, and a doormat. Thinking of it this way makes saying “no” more appealing.Read More »

My 100th Post: 2013 Year In Review

Bye 2013 Thanks for Memories

Some years ask questions, while some others provide answers. For me, 2013 posed a lot of questions: Do I like my current career? Should I change careers? Am I happy where I am in life right now? Or shall I change that too? Why am I no longer friends with someone I used to be close to? What are my next steps? What was the point of going through such challenges? It is my prayer that 2014 will provide some answers for my questions.

At the same time, 2013 wasn’t a bad year. There were some ups and there were some downs. There were challenges, but there were some lessons. There were some accomplishments and there were some setbacks.

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