28 Things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Aint Nobody Got Time For That“I feel like a grown woman, now,” I told my girls on my most recent birthday, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

“For what?” they asked.

I started…

“Ain’t nobody got time….”

  1. For men who give me mixed signals.
  2. For drama in the workplace
  3. To care what other people think of me
  4. To wait for bananas purchased at Wal-Mart to ripe
  5. To worry
  6. To put myself down
  7. To compare myself to others
  8. To tolerate being an option to someone who I consider a priority
  9. For naysayers
  10. To seek validation from others
  11. To refuse to listen to my intuition
  12. To be insecure
  13. To settle for less than what I deserve
  14. For manipulative people
  15. To be unhappy
  16. To say “yes” to every request
  17. To avoid change
  18. To harbor unforgiveness
  19. To wait for the perfect opportunity to pursue my dreams
  20. To lower my standards
  21. Atlanta’s Friday afternoon traffic on I-75N
  22. For Black Friday shopping
  23. For ignorant people
  24. For MySpace (wait is it still online?)
  25. To agree to a friends-with-benefits relationship
  26. For micromanagers
  27. For slow Internet
  28. For REGRET

Ain’t that right, Sweet Brown?

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