When She Told Him She Had A Boyfriend

She’s in a relationship now. Flirting with other men is no longer an option. She receives a text message from an old admirer. Gently, she tries to tell him that she is no longer on the market. And this is what happens.

Him: Let me see you this weekend

Her: I can’t see you this weekend. Going out of town to visit my boyfriend.

Him: So where he stays

Her: Birmingham

Him: How often u see him

Her: You ask a lot of questions…As often as I can.

Him: After 2 months

Her: Huh?

Him: Tht how long u see him

Her: How do u know?

Him: I knw

Her: Since u know, this conversation is pointless.

Him: Not it’s good. It makes me want to see u more. So when do I see u?

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