She Said What?!?!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m happy-go-lucky personality, who always tries to find the silver-lining in any situation. But, sometimes, I’m tempted. I’m tempted to grab my boxing gloves and show off the not-so-nice part of Yaa in order to let people know that it’s NOT okay to say everything to pops up into your mind.

It’s almost as if people speak before they think and if you’re like me, you’re often on the receiving end of thoughtless comments. I still believe that people have pure intentions; they don’t mean to offend you, but they do. Why not keep a running list of things to NEVER say to someone. I’ll list mine, and you can list yours in the comment section.

When are you going to get your hair done? 

I was trying something new with my naturally coiled hair when someone asked me this question. I was a bit taken aback by her question, for I had spent 4 hours twisting my hair in the style it was in.

Err on the side of caution: if we’re not currently in a conversation discussing hair, then don’t ask me when she’ll be getting it done.

You look tired.

There’s a reason why it’s called beauty rest. Looking “tired” is not a good look. Think about it. People who look tired when they have bags under their eyes, dull skin, and little energy. That is not a good look. And it’s another way of telling me I look like crap. That’s not nice.

Have you gained weight?

Women overly conscientious about our weight. I gain a half a pound and I freak out. All women know this yet, it’s women who’ll make this passing comment. Do yourself a favor and act like you didn’t notice the 20 pounds she gained. Chances are that he probably knew she gained weight before you saw her.

Your ex is married/engaged/executive at a Fortune 500.

There is a reason why he’s an ‘ex.’ And there is a reason why I am quickly changing the subject whenever you mention his name.

You look cute today.

So, I didn’t look “cute” yesterday and the day before that?

Are you pregnant?

Excuse me while I do 2,000 crunches. I’ll wear all black tomorrow to hide what looks like a pregnant belly. And to answer your question, NO, I’m not pregnant.

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