What She Gave To Me: A Spelman Story

Spelman College logoAs the years increase from the time I walked through the Alumnae Arch and now, I realize that Spelman helped me become the Woman that stands before you today. Here are four things my alma mater gave me:

1) A Strong Work Ethic.

Spelman College courses were not easy. One class at Spelman was worth more credits than any other class in the Atlanta University Center and rightfully so. There was always extra work and it came in the form of papers, projects, supplemental activities outside the classroom. If you scored an A on an exam or in a class, you earned every bit of it.

Lesson Learned: Translating that experience in the workplace, you don’t just do the bare minimum to achieve results in the workplace. You do more than what’s expected of you. Let your actions say  more than your words.Read More »

The One Thing I Learned That Changed My Life

frustrationLet me tell you a little secret: I don’t have my life plans figured out.

You may have seen my LinkedIn profile full of admirable job titles and though, If I could just have the opportunities she had, I would be further along in my career. You may have even seen the article written on me about the work I do in public health and thought, Wow, this chick is amazing! Or, you may have even seen the photo of me and Robin Thicke posted on my Facebook timeline and wished you could walk a day in my shoes.

Or maybe not.

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For My Little Sister Who Shows Off Her Assets

little girlNowadays, It’s not uncommon to see a 15 year old girl pose for a picture, by sticking out her breasts and buttocks on social media. It happens too many times. And frankly, I’m sick of it.

I don’t know whether to blame society and hip hop music for objectifying women, the lack of a father figure in a young girl’s home, or low self-esteem for the way some young girls flaunt their bodies for attention.  But something has to give.

If she were my little sister, here’s what I’d tell her.Read More »

My “Younique” Marital Vows

beautiful-black-brideA woman’s wedding day is a day that a woman begins planning from the time she is a little girl. Her heart is set on having the perfect wedding and marrying the perfect man. But why wait until you’ve found Mr. Right?  Why not get married now, regardless of whether or not your single? Get married to the most beautiful person you’ll ever meet. That person is you!

The relationship we have with ourselves is crucial to not only our personal life, but our professional lives as well. You need self-confidence and self-respect to ace an interview and convince an employer to invest thousands of dollars in us. You need to love yourself in order to commit to taking great care of ourselves, for why would anyone bother going to the gym and eating

Ringhealthy foods, if you don’t care about your body? The relationship we have with ourselves plays a role in how we treat others. In the same way that hurt people hurt people, loved people love others. It only makes sense!

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On The Time He Asked Me To Go Out with ‘His Wife And Kids’

wife and kids photoGoing on a date was the only item left on my bucket list during my senior year in college. It was Spring semester of my final year and all other items on my task list had been checked off. Now, if I could get this one checked off, I would have left feeling pretty accomplished.

We worked in the school bookstore together. Ever since my first day working there several months ago, he always showed me extra attention. It was quite obvious that he was interested.Read More »

What They Didn’t Tell Me About Being In A Relationship

S&T Healthy Relationship

No one told me it was going to be this way.

Not that this is a bad way; it’s just that no one really tells you about some of the ups and downs that you’ll experience in your first real relationship. Your annoying friend who is always making updates about your relationship status on Facebook and Twitter forgot to mention a few things.

I am in a relationship now and here are 8 things no one ever told me about being in a relationship.

1. You will feel like you have split personalities.

Before He came along, I was an interesting person with an array of interests. Spoken word, apple picking, dancing, kickboxing, traveling and blogging were all part of my life. I spent a lot of my free time with friends and family. But now, I’m in a relationship, trying to balance spending time with him and spending time with friends, family, and myself. I’m trying to keep my commitments to all birthday parties, housewarming extravaganzas, weddings, and every other social outing. I’m trying to keep church commitments, attend family events, spend quality time with the family, and act like my new “friend” will not subtract the time I spend with the closest people in my life.  I’m trying to blog regularly, exercise regularly, spend adequate time on my personal and professional development, and enjoy my precious “me” time. I am trying to act like a single person in a relationship and can we say exhausting? I literally feel like I have split personalities!

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