My “Younique” Marital Vows

beautiful-black-brideA woman’s wedding day is a day that a woman begins planning from the time she is a little girl. Her heart is set on having the perfect wedding and marrying the perfect man. But why wait until you’ve found Mr. Right?  Why not get married now, regardless of whether or not your single? Get married to the most beautiful person you’ll ever meet. That person is you!

The relationship we have with ourselves is crucial to not only our personal life, but our professional lives as well. You need self-confidence and self-respect to ace an interview and convince an employer to invest thousands of dollars in us. You need to love yourself in order to commit to taking great care of ourselves, for why would anyone bother going to the gym and eating

Ringhealthy foods, if you don’t care about your body? The relationship we have with ourselves plays a role in how we treat others. In the same way that hurt people hurt people, loved people love others. It only makes sense!

I am committed to my personal and emotional development, so I’ve created vows to help me keep my promises. Here are my 10 personal vows.

  1. I promise to respect, admire, and appreciate myself for who I am who I am becoming.
  2. I promise to spend quality time alone, in silence, getting to know myself better.
  3. I promise to walk away from situations that make me feel powerless and less than the capable and talented woman I am.
  4. I promise to continue to dream, no matter what life throws my way.
  5. I promise to always put my needs first, above anyone or anything.
  6. I promise to take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  7. I promise to refrain from putting myself down when I fail to meet a goal. Failure is apart of success.
  8. I promise to ruminate on uplifting thoughts – thoughts that will empower me and help me reach my true potential.
  9. I promise to love, nurture, and respect others and their decisions.
  10. I promise to never give up on myself, my dreams, and my future goals.


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