What She Gave To Me: A Spelman Story

Spelman College logoAs the years increase from the time I walked through the Alumnae Arch and now, I realize that Spelman helped me become the Woman that stands before you today. Here are four things my alma mater gave me:

1) A Strong Work Ethic.

Spelman College courses were not easy. One class at Spelman was worth more credits than any other class in the Atlanta University Center and rightfully so. There was always extra work and it came in the form of papers, projects, supplemental activities outside the classroom. If you scored an A on an exam or in a class, you earned every bit of it.

Lesson Learned: Translating that experience in the workplace, you don’t just do the bare minimum to achieve results in the workplace. You do more than what’s expected of you. Let your actions say  more than your words.Read More »