The Complete Guide To Not Giving A *HOOT* What People Think

 Complete Guide To Not Caring What People ThinkHi, I’m Yaa Yaa and I worry too much.

I worry about what people think. In fact, I’m worried about what you’re thinking about me right now. I worry about things that happened 2 years ago. I worry about things that will happen 2 years from now.

And frankly, I’m tired of being a worry wart. It is debilitating.

I recently stumbled across an article while surfing the net. I chuckled as I read it because it helped me realize how utterly ridiculous it is to care what other people are thinking about me. While I do not believe in using profanity to express myself, I do agree to the points in this article: A Complete Guide To Not Giving A ____.

Happy Reading.


The 10 Most Embarrassing American Stereotypes That Are True

American FlagI was raised in public schools of suburban neighborhood outside of Atlanta. It was subliminal but I was taught that the USA does things the “right” way and other countries do things the “wrong” way. So, naturally, I believed the United States of America was the best place on earth.

Today, I am 15 years older and have more travel experience. I still take pride in my country, but I wouldn’t say that it is the best in the world. In order to say that, you have to know the rest of the countries in the world. Traveling has opened my eyes to alternative ways of living. For, who am I to say what is best?

I will say, however, the United States of America is not perfect. In fact we could do a lot better in a multitude of areas.Read More »