Five Things Women Do But Never Tell Their Male Friends

Five Things Women Do Pic1. We play the damsel in distress routine in order to get what we want.

I was participating in a summer program in Chicago a few  years ago. It was my first experience in a big city, so riding the train and finding my way around was a bit of an adjustment. My homegirl and I didn’t have enough money to ride the train home one day. So, what did we do? Play the damsel in distress routine and got a free train ride home.

2. We enjoy the thrill of getting numbers just as much as men do. And nope, we have no intention of ever calling you.

I had just lost my job a couple years ago and was feel really depressed, so I did what any girl would do. I got dressed up in my cutest outfit and went to a party. I had a ball dancing and talking to all the single men there. I was exhausted by the time I came home, but I was happy too. I had three number from three different men I had promised to call, but never did.

3. Yes, we do like seeing that shirtless guy with a six pack from time to time.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

4. Please don’t ask us to compare you to our ex. You won’t like what you’ll hear.

Was he cuter than me? Did he dress better than me? Oh no, don’t make me lie!

5. We’re not playing hard to get…sometimes.

Men believe that if we’re not interested then we must be playing hard to get, which isn’t always true. Sometimes, we really aren’t interested. So, yes, it is necessary to jump through hoops to get our attention. It’s the only way we’ll see how wonderful you are!



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