#100HappyDays: Day 4

CAM00525Meet Christina Stampley. She is the President and Chief Executive Officer for the House of Grace For Pregnant Teens, an organization that I worked very closely with over the last 5 months, to provide support to young moms. She is a dynamic force who will do anything (and I do mean anything) to see her girls succeed. I am humbled to have met her and to collaborate with her in providing educational services to 8 young mothers-to-be.

Today, the House of Grace hosted their first annual Teen Mothers Day Cookout in Jonesboro. I went and had the pleasure of speaking to young women, offering support and encouragement. Christina and I brainstormed ideas on how to reach a hard-to-reach population of pregnant adolescents. And I believe we have a new strategy.

Today’s #HappyDay was inspired by my time with the House of Grace. It makes a difference in my life to make a difference in the other people’s lives.