This Is What Happened When I Left My Phone At Home

Life Without A Phone PicYesterday, I did something I have never done before: I left my smartphone at home for the first time since I purchased it in May.

I didn’t realize my phone was not with me until I was in traffic on my way to work, but by that time, I was already 20 minutes in my commute and turning back around to pick it up, would guarantee that I would be late to work. I could not be late to work again.

I became anxious initially, as my thoughts bounced from how could I leave my phone at home to I’m going to drive 35 minutes during my lunch hour to pick it up.

I arrived at work early, with a plan to pick up my phone during my lunch hour. Two hours later, I realized that my day was coming along well without the addictive device. For once, I could think clearly without the interference of notifiers that frequently sound on my Android phone.  A day away from phone was delightful and helped me accomplish the following things.Read More »

Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out

why-life-sucks-1Life sucks.

Jobs are lost. Boyfriends break up with you. Unwanted pounds creep up on you. Schools turn you down for admission. Bosses overlook you for promotions. Loan companies do not forget your phone number (no matter how much you try to avoid them).  Bills pile up. Friends get married and forget about you. Diseases occur. Death snatches people away too soon…

But in the midst of these terrible moments, we have to remember that everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly – occur to benefit us. These things occur to make us better than we were yesterday.Read More »

Why Is Your Penis On A Dead Girl’s Phone And Other Things I Adore About Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating Main PicMysterious, sexy, and powerful. Annalise Keating possesses all of these qualities and more. She is a star in the courtroom, as a criminal defense attorney and in the classroom, as a criminal law professor in Shonda Rhimes’ newest show, How To Get Away With Murder. Annalise Keating is mesmerizing. I love watching her in character and here all the reasons why:
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Street Harassment Is Life Threatening

Street HarassmentSomeone had to do it.

Shoshana Roberts, a 29-year old actress residing in New York City, recorded an experiment on street harassment. She installed a hidden camera and had it record 10 hours of her walking the streets of Manhattan.  She experienced everything from the casual “what’s up,” to the more threatening act of being followed for several minutes by numerous men. She did not respond to any of these comments, maintaining her composure, a straight face, and avoiding eye contact, yet the comments continued. In a matter of 10 hours, she experienced 108 catcalls from men of different racial backgrounds.

As I watched Shoshana’s video, I remember my own experiences of being catcalled. Although I have been harassed on numerous occasions, I vividly remember one that was the most threatening to me. I was a sophomore at Spelman College at the time and meeting friends across campus one Friday evening. A man in a car with three other men approached me in a Black SUV. “Hey,” he said as he was driving alongside me.Read More »

Crazy, Stupid Love

It’s the can’t eat. Can’t sleep. I want you. But can’t have you. You’re no good for me. But I can’t live without you. Can’t sleep without hearing your voice. It’s the – hate you cause we’re not together and miss you terribly when we’re apart. It makes you angry and sad. Happy and mad. Embarrassed and joyful. Exhilirated and humiliated. Insane and clear. Fun and dull. It’s everything in between and everything it’s not. It still is. I miss you but I’m happy we’re apart. I miss you but I’m sad that we’re apart. I miss you but I’m relieved we’re apart. I’m sad but I’m happy. A concotion of human emotions that should have never been present in the start. The same thing that makes you say I can’t live without you makes you say I can’t live with you. We’re no good for each other. What’s the point. And that’s my take on Crazy Stupid Love.

A Favorite Halloween Story

halloween picTo most, Halloween is a day to dress as someone (or thing) else, but to me, Halloween is just an excuse to delight myself in all the candy I can stomach in one day. My perception of October 31st changed when I relocated to Boston. A co-worker of mine invited me to his annual Halloween house party. I decided to give his party a chance and convinced my homegirl to come with me.

We arrived at the party fashionably late and dressed in “regular” clothes. We were greeted by cat girls, police officers, and a banana. We knew we were in for a treat when we saw two guys painted in blue: one guy had a blue cross painted across his chest, while another guy had a blue shield painted across his chest. When I asked them to name their costumes, the guys replied, “Blue Cross Blue Shield.” We couldn’t help but give them some daps for their creativity. But that wasn’t the most creative costume we saw that night.

Mingling makes me thirsty, so my friend  and I sauntered over to the bar to grab a drink. A man who stood about 6 feet tall wearing a light blue jump suit with white cotton balls scattered across his outfit walked by.

“Excuse me sir,” my friend said, “What are you?”

He replied, “I’m cloudy…” He paused for a second, grabbed her hand and a syringe filled with water. He release a drop of water on her hand and finished his statement, “…with a chance of rain.”