On The Reason We Say “Merry” Christmas Instead of “Happy” Christmas

Merry Christmas“Happy Christmas!” I said to my co-worker as he left the office for the holidays.

“Merry New Year!” he replied.

We both chuckled.

Prior to this exchange, we had just discussed reasons why people wish others a happy birthday, a happy thanksgiving, and a Happy 4th of July, but for Christmas, the same people will wish you a Merry Christmas. He posed a reason that helped elevate my mood and put things in perspective.Read More »

#WhatsForBrunch: Egg Harbor Cafe Edition

   LogoI thought I knew all the hot brunch spots in Atlanta, until I stumbled upon a gem in South Buckhead called Egg Harbor Café.

My family and I decided to host a holiday brunch on the Sunday before Christmas. When the prices at our first-choice breakfast buffet shot up to $32 per person, we decided to expand our horizons and try a new (and more affordable) breakfast restaurant. My dad casually suggested Egg Harbor Café as being a fallback option and I am glad he did. Once I perused the menu and discovered how delightful the items listed appeared, I knew I had to try it.Read More »