On The Reason We Say “Merry” Christmas Instead of “Happy” Christmas

Merry Christmas“Happy Christmas!” I said to my co-worker as he left the office for the holidays.

“Merry New Year!” he replied.

We both chuckled.

Prior to this exchange, we had just discussed reasons why people wish others a happy birthday, a happy thanksgiving, and a Happy 4th of July, but for Christmas, the same people will wish you a Merry Christmas. He posed a reason that helped elevate my mood and put things in perspective.

Christmas a different from every other holidays because it is one that everyone can benefit from, for Christmas is supposed to be magical. It is the holiday where dreams come true. You know the classic holiday movies. Presents appear under the tree that no one in the household has purchased. Relatives that you haven’t seen in years make their way home to take part in the joyous occasion. Homes and parks light up in a way that it never has before. Christmas is more than happy. Christmas is merry. It is magical.

When I was a child, I believed in the magic of Christmas. The toy that I wanted always found its way under my tree, no matter how many times my parents told me “no.” I watched every Christmas movie that came on TV and counted down the days until Christmas appeared.

I am no longer a child and Christmas no longer excites me. Instead, Christmas stresses me out. Christmastime makes me measure the reality of the presents I want to buy against the amount of money I have in my bank account. For some reason, those two never mesh well together.

This Christmas is a bit unique because this past year has present a series of challenge that have made me feel sad. Those challenges are magnified during the holidays. I now understand why people fall into depression during the holiday season.

In spite of everything, Christmastime is a beautiful season of giving. There is not another time during the year that everyone – co-workers, parents, children, bosses, church members, companies, and even your favorite store – will give you a gift just because. There is not another time where virtually everyone is upbeat and in a great mood. There is not another time where people pay a ridiculous amount of money in airfare just to be with their loved ones on a special day.

Christmastime is a special time. I am going to take a moment to be grateful for what it is. If you’ve had a rough year, take a moment to find something that you are grateful for.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish my readers a happy, healthy, beautiful, magical, inspiring, and merry Christmas. May it bring you everything your heart desires.

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