#WhatsForBrunch: Egg Harbor Cafe Edition

   LogoI thought I knew all the hot brunch spots in Atlanta, until I stumbled upon a gem in South Buckhead called Egg Harbor Café.

My family and I decided to host a holiday brunch on the Sunday before Christmas. When the prices at our first-choice breakfast buffet shot up to $32 per person, we decided to expand our horizons and try a new (and more affordable) breakfast restaurant. My dad casually suggested Egg Harbor Café as being a fallback option and I am glad he did. Once I perused the menu and discovered how delightful the items listed appeared, I knew I had to try it.

I arrived at the restaurant at 12:45 and my party of 15 showed up 15 minutes later. Despite the crowd that Sunday afternoons typically attract, this restaurant had my party seated by 1:15. In my books, a 15-minute wait time is record-breaking for a large party at a breakfast spot on a Sunday.

I ordered the Supreme Skillet. It was incredible. Potatoes covered with bacon, onion, mushroom, and red and green peppers. Scrambled eggs and mozzarella cheese were the final toppings on my skillet.Cute Cup2

To quench my thirst, I drank Egg Harbor’s strawberry and orange juice. I highly recommend it to anyone who dines here. It’ll be sure to leave you saying to yourself, “Hmmm… good!”Placemat and Table

The ambience is warm, casual and slightly more upscale than you’d expect a breakfast place to be. Bonus points for the spacious and clean restrooms too! (I abhor dirty bathrooms.)Inside

I rate Egg Harbor Café 4 stars. I will definitely be back for more!

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