Kanye-Fidence: How To Land The Job You Want

kanye-west“Yo, Yaa Yaa,” my brother said, scrolling through his phone, “I got a text message about this cool startup company looking for people. You wanna work there?”

“Sure,” I said looking up from my MacBook filled with an inbox of endless emails from recruiters. I had been on the job hunt for three months. For the first time in my life, I was willing to step into something new, and for some reason, a startup seemed like the something new I was searching for.

“So yeah, let me get the contact person’s phone number,” my brother said, looking at his phone. “Just give him a call. Cool?”

About a half hour later, I called the recruiter. I mentioned that I was referred to this position. I mentioned my educational background, my strong interpersonal skills and of course, my previous experience working at a startup.

He was stunned. “I’m gonna let my recruiter know and give you a call back.”

Less than 24 hours later, his manager called me. “Yes, we’d like to interview you,” he said, “How’s tomorrow?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed. I confirmed the interview time for Friday at 10:00am. I was stoked.

But, then my nerves set in. The what-ifs started rolling in my head. What if my work experience is not relevant to this position? What if I am not offered this position? What if I fumble during the interview? 

During moments of anxiety, I do what anyone else would do – scroll through Facebook’s newsfeed to gather some inspiration. Inspiration is what I attained when I stumbled across The Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator. 

I chuckled to myself after reading the first three quotes, but after the fourth quote, I started to personalize it. Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?

After the fifth quote, I started to feel pretty empowered. I am the best person for this job, is what I started thinking to myself. My whole attitude changed.

I walked into the interview with an air of confidence. I answered the questions with such certainty, I even surprised myself. The interviewer was so impressed, he brought his boss in to meet me. Three hours after the interview ended, I was offered the position. Kanye-Fidence, as outlandish as it sounds, works. Try it.

One thought on “Kanye-Fidence: How To Land The Job You Want

  1. We must have a good measure of ESP these days. Your posts are speaking to me! I had to shut up my inner doubt recently when I thought about all the unknowns and concerns I have with stepping out into a new profession and even apply for different opportunities. I’ll be using the Kanye-Fidence self confidence generator! 🙂 Great post


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