My Wedding Vows

Hey S&T! I’m a newlywed! My wedding was in August. Ceremony and reception were both beautiful. The best part is that I married the man of my dreams. My wedding vows are written below:

You are my favorite person. Kind-hearted, brilliant and driven. Considerate and encouraging. Wise and positive.

You have changed me. You’ve changed my perspective. Your companionship has made me bolder, more confident and fearless. The way you sacrifice on my behalf is awesome. I am grateful that no matter how much pushback I gave you back when we met, you persisted.

You bring out the best in me. I promise to bring out the best in you. To help you through challenges. To be strong when you are weak. To sing your song when you forget the tune. To comfort you when your sad. To be your strongest advocate.

I promise to protect our relationship, to put our marriage first. To treat your needs with care. To respect you and honor you. To invest the work that a marriage requires in order to make this union prevail.

I promise to be your rock, your voice of reason and your biggest cheerleader. To speak words that uplift. To speak the truth kindly. To not harbor resentment, but communicate my thoughts effectively. To love on you, pray with you and pray for you.

I envision our amazing future ahead, where we fulfill our dreams as one unit. Putting Christ at the center of our relationship. We will be a blessing to others. Help one another realize and step into our individual contributions to the world. Until death do we part.


3 thoughts on “My Wedding Vows

  1. Beautiful vows. I am so very happy for both of you. Enjoy each other, and treasure each other. He will be your best friend and confidant for a very long time in Jesus’ name.


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