My Life Changed Once I Started Doing These Things

I have undergone a transformation. I’m like a butterfly that emerged from a cocoon after experiencing some tough challenges. I’m better for it. I’m thankful for the hard times because I’m happy with the woman that it has made me. I’m also grateful for what the tough times forced me to do.

  1. Live within my means.

Two years ago, my life mantra was YOLO. You only life once, so splurge. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. While it’s true that no one knows if we’ll see the light of tomorrow, it is wise to ensure that there is something waiting for us in case we do.

Besides that, I hate 9-to-5’s. The rat race. The vicious cycle of working to pay bills and then, paying bills in order to work. It sucks. Surely, there is more to life than such a trap. Financial freedom is my ultimate goal and the only way to reach the mecca is to live within your means. If you can’t afford it, don’t purchase it. Not on credit. Not on layaway.

Initially, this lifestyle was painful. I had to deny myself international trips with friends, fine dining, luxurious living, expensive clothes and outings, but I’m happier for it. I cannot tell you the amount of satisfaction that has come from making large purchases with cash! No credit, no deposits. Just cash.

2. Be selective about who I spend my time with.

You really become whoever you spend your time with. Not everyone deserves my time and I treat each person accordingly. I’m naturally a very open person and can get along with pretty much anyone, but that doesn’t mean I have to spend a majority of my time with someone who is not headed in the same direction as me. Selecting like-minded people has enabled me to have more control over my life and its outcomes.

3. Be selective about the pieces of me that is shared with others.

A few years ago, making big decisions were difficult. Not only because life is hard and decision-making is intrinsically difficult, but because I was seeking validation from those I deemed important . The truth is that no one has all the answers; we’re all just faking it until we make it. So, make your own rules. Do what you need to do to have the life you want.

Nowadays, I do what I need to do to meet my personal goals. Sometimes, I choose to share with others, and sometimes, I don’t. I kind of enjoy having an aura of mystery about me. It makes life easier.

4. Cherish my private time.

The good thing about relocating to a new city is that you spend a lot of time alone. Spending quiet time with myself used to seem daunting. But now, I embrace it. I hear my own thoughts. I meditate. I pray. I write. I read. I think. It’s great. Private time is refreshing. I highly recommend it.

5. Keep in touch with the people who matter most. 

I miss home, my family, my friends. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I realize how important it is to keep in touch with your favorite people. My friends are busy, but we’ve realized that scheduled phone dates is the best way for us to keep in touch, along with WhatsApp and group text messaging threads.

6. Treat food as though it is medicine.

It wasn’t until I adopted a new diet that I realized how important the foods we ingest are! I feel a lot better and my body functions better. We’re so eager to change our medication when our bodies do something we don’t like. Many times it’s appropriate, but sometimes, it isn’t. Simply eating healthier foods may bring us the benefits we desire. Food is medicine.

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