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Insecure Recap Season 4 Episode 2

Hi Friends! I know it’s been about 4 months since my last post. Work has kept me busy! More to come on that. I was trying to figure out the next post, but it dawned on me. Why not begin recapping my favorite television show, Insecure? I already irritate my friends with my constant “Have you seen Insecure?” banter, so why not stop the nagging and start the recapping! Here’s my first recap with my thoughts below.

**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven’t watched this episode. Kindly close the window and return when you have. 

Episode 402 show 3 months before the Block Party. Condola and Issa are touring the location of where the Block Party will be held. Honestly, Issa and Condola’s relationship is the epitome of “Good Vibes Only.” They are constantly pumping eachc other up. Condola is helping Issa plan the Block Party she dreamed of last season. Condola is lending Issa her contacts, ideas and resources. When the two discovered that Condola was dating Issa’s ex of 5 years in the last episode, things became awkward. In this episode, the two were able to broach the subject. They promised each other that it would not be an issue and that they would continue collaborating. Issa made a joke about Lawrene putting mayo on his French Fries to help break the ice. The new besties shared a hearty laugh.

Love Triangle

Condola lightly mentioned that she and Issa joked about him using mayo but Lawrence did not find it funny. He confided in his friends, Chad and Derek. Both agree that they wouldn’t appreciate their current girlfriend talking about them with their ex-girlfriend, but they both have different ways of handling the situation. Derek suggests that he would let it slide because if he were to mention it to either Issa or Condola, the two would bond over how oversensitive he is. Chad, on the other hand, mentioned that he should shut it down immediately cause the situation could get out of hand. Taking the advice of his friends, Lawrence goes to Issa’s apartment to let her know that he is aware that the two were talking about him and that he’d suggest that stop. Later, he tells Issa not to tell Condola that the two had this conversation.

The Newest Couple

Molly and Andrew are getting along very well. And I might say, I enjoy watching the two exchange witty banter. They end up having sex for the first time and Molly says that “it do;” she is quite pleased. The only problem is that Andrew does not open up despite the two talking for about 1 and a half months now. He dodges personal questions, while Molly is  spilling her guts. She told Andrew that she had to wear a helmet to bed until she was 11.

She brings up her concern to her Issa, Tiffany and Kelli. Issa says that she should chill; it’s not a big deal. Tiffany agrees with Molly that she should bring it up to Andrew. And Kelli is being Kelli. She says her ideal man is a mime who can put it down. (Oh, Kelli.) Molly invites Andrew over for dinner and while the two are having dinner, Molly asks Andrew about his sister. When Andrew says that he doesn’t want to talk about it, Molly gets angry and expresses her frustration with Andrew’s tendency to avoid personal questions. She says that she wants to date someone who has depth and can be real. Andrew, annoyed, gathers his things and leaves her apartment to attend a concert with School Boy Q. Molly calls Issa to vent, but Issa is at the same School Boy Q concert and sends her a text that she will call back later.

For Self-Care Sunday, Molly and Issa go hiking. Andrew calls to apologize for his behavior at dinner. He says that he is having trouble opening up. Molly says she has time to wait for him to open up. When Issa asked who was on the phone, Molly says it was work-related.

Taurean In His Feelings

Y’all remember Taurean from Season 3? He is Molly’s new co-worker at the Black firm. The two were to work together on a case, but Taurean had an emergency, Molly went ahead and presented their work without him. Taurean was pissed and rightfully so. But guess who is still in his feelings about something that happened several weeks ago? You guessed it: Taurean.

Molly was in a meeting with Taurean at work. Apparently, Taurean was named the lead of a case. Molly had experience that could have helped him with the case, but she refused to share it with him, for fear that he would perceive that she was stepping on his toes. Taurean steps to her in her office after the meeting to voice his concern. Molly apologized for the trick she pulled last season and expressed her hope that they could be cordial colleagues. Now, most individuals would have shrugged their shoulders, but not Taurean. Taurean responded with a cold, “All right” and left her office.

What’s his problem?’

S&T’s Analysis


I appreciate that this season has delved into the intricacies of friendship you seldom see on television. Most television shows gloss over the ups and downs of friendships, but Insecure takes its time to examine the various dynamics between Issa and her friends. This season, Insecure is focused on the slow deterioration of a friendship, something that I can certainly relate to.

It begins with you and your friend going down different paths. It could one getting married and starting a family and the other choosing to remain single. In the case of Molly and Issa, Issa has become interested in implementing a Block Party, which takes up a lot of her time and energy. In this season, she is starting to see relationships differently and has a new perspective on life. Issa is adamant about her “Good vibes only” mantra is steadfast on not allowing drama to interfere. It’s the reason why she does not allow the fact that Condola is dating her ex interfere with her Block Party plans.

Molly, on the other hand, is not in alignment of exuding positive energy. She is still finding fault with Andrew. She insists on being jealous of Condola and Issa’s friendship. Many viewers blame Molly for the deterioration of her friendship with Issa, but it may be the natural progression of relationships. I admire people who remain best friends for 20 to 30 years. That has never been the case for me.


I empathize with Lawrence in this episode. His current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend are BFF’s and exchanging information about him. What if Issa tells Condola that she supported Lawrence for the majority of the time that she and Lawrence dated? What if Issa tells Condola about the weird habits and so-called secrets that are only kept between two people who dated for half a decade? These are valid concerns. Lawrence decides to tell Issa to stop sharing information with Condola. To makes matters worse, he tells Issa not to mention the fact that the two spoke about it, cause “it’s not that deep.” If it isn’t deep, sir, then why can’t you mention it to your girlfriend? Condola and Issa are friends. Does he not think that Issa is going to let it slip? When Condola finds out that two talked behind her back, she’s going to feel like the two are holding secrets back from her. She’s going to become insecure and it will ruin Condola and Issa’s relationship. It could even ruin Condola and Lawrence’s relationship.

Lawrence should have expressed his concern to Condola. He didn’t have to express it at the restaurant while he was eating his mayo covered French fries, but after his pow-wow with his boys, he could have said, “Hey, babe. Can we talk about this? It kinda bothers me that you two are talking about me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.” He could even go as far as to tell Condola what he’s scared that Issa will tell her. By being the first one to let her know, he’s removing the power that he believes Issa would have in sharing such information.

Other takeaways

  • The wardrobe stylist for this show is ahh-mazing! I especially loved the yellow dress that Molly were on her date with Andrew; the outfit Issa wore while showing Condola the location of the Block party and Condola’s black, white and gold ankle boots!
  • What in the world is a booty button??
  • Thankful for the Mirror’s appearance in the bathroom after her sexual encounter with TSA Bae.
  • Chad is back! Whenever he’s in a scene, I know I’m going to have a good laugh. And this episode was no different.
  • Derek is definitely the most mature in Lawrence’s friend group.
  • I totally understood why Molly did not mention to Issa that Andrew called her to apologize for not opening up. Issa has been nothing but negative towards Molly recently. Why does this show tell my entire life on blast? This is so typical me.
  • Molly is kinda doing a bit much with insisting that Andrew open up after the two have been dating for like 6 weeks. People do take time to become vulnerable and I suppose people have their own timelines. It’s good to be organic. I am glad that Molly showed some maturity and faced her concern instead of being passive aggressive, which is what she normally does.
  • Kelli’s Baps costume was everything! Bonus points for Tiffany throwing candy into Kelli’s hair. So funny.
  • Does anyone feel like Kelli is the most unrelateable in the show? Not only am I not like her, I also do not know anyone like her. Am I the only one?

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