About The Author

Hi! I’m Yaa Yaa. Welcome to my blog!

I am so happy you’re here and hope you stay awhile. I started Scribbles and Tostitos back in August 2011, when I found myself utterly lost, unemployed, and in the midst of my quarter life crisis. I had just turned 26 and had always promised myself that I’d start a blog to finally release all of my thoughts and essays that were scattered in 25 different journals, flash drives, and scribbled on scraps of paper.

I love to write. It has been my therapy since I was 8 years old. I would write short stories, essays, journals, poems. A blog was only fitting for me.

About Yaa Yaa

It’s weird to describe myself. Where do I start? What do you want to know. I’ll give you a few tidbits about me:

I’m a 32-something upbeat and positive person. Friends come to me for inspiration and words of encouragement. And I thrive when I’m around happy people as well.

Yaa Yaa is a nickname. Yaa is the Ghanaian name for girls born on Thursday. My father is from Ghana. I was born in New York City, raised in Atlanta, GA, and currently reside in Durham, NC.

I’ve also lived in Boston, MA and Richmond, VA in my life and have traveled to India, Jamaica, Ghana, and Nigeria. Traveling is my thing and I wish I could do it more.

I got married in August 2017. I  affectionately refer to my husband as “hubby.” He’s from Nigeria, which is no surprise cause I always knew I’d marry a Nigerian.

You may learn more about me here.


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