Why Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore

Many of my friends on Twitter and Facebook posted a link to a recent CNN article entitled “Why Young Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore.” The title was intriguing, so of course I clicked on it, even scrolled through the comments in the comments section of the article, but still, I haven’t heard from my readers andContinue reading “Why Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore”

How I Got Into Graduate School

My younger brother is in his senior year at Morehouse College. As a Big Sister who has matriculated through graduate school, I get the pleasure of offering advice through one of the most challenging years of his life. The other day, as I was fixing him a hearty breakfast before his GRE Exam, he asksContinue reading “How I Got Into Graduate School”

Why I Want A Wedding Not A Marriage

I love a good party. And a wedding is a grand excuse for a party.  Coral bridesmaid dresses, white wedding gown, Reggae Music, the Electric Slide, the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle; family and friends; honeymooning in an exotic island; riding around in stretch White Cadillac Escalade with my favorite girls. All eyes on Yours Truly? (Sigh) I’veContinue reading “Why I Want A Wedding Not A Marriage”

Dating and Job-seeking: Separate But Similar

“Who wants to share bad news?” read a text message from a friend who is a hiring manager at a consulting firm. She was responding to a message where I vented my frustration with a company who failed to follow-up with me after an interview. From the way the interview unfolded and the fact thatContinue reading “Dating and Job-seeking: Separate But Similar”

What to Expect at SpelHouse Homecoming

“Are you going to Spel-House Homecoming?” That’s the million dollar question amongst all Spelman and Morehouse alumni. My response: “Maybe.” “Maybe?!” My brother, a current senior at Morehouse, exclaimed in astonishment. I explained, “I’d go, but I just don’t feel like being…” 1. Overdressed for a tailgate party. It’s understood but never explained why Spel-HouseContinue reading “What to Expect at SpelHouse Homecoming”

Three Reasons I Like Nigerians

The running joke among my friends is that I’ll probably marry a Nigerian man one day. I understand why they make this statement. In addition to finding Nigerian men attractive, I have worked in Nigeria and embraced its culture. I listen to Nigerian music artists, Naeto C, Bracket, and P-Square. I watch their movies. And IContinue reading “Three Reasons I Like Nigerians”

“Are You Ok?” and Other Questions Not To Ask An Unemployed Person

This morning, I read that Hallmark is now selling cards for the 9.1% of Americans who are unemployed. For all those considering purchasing a card for $3.99 to remind me that I’m unemployed, I suggest you use that money to buy me a Chick-fil-A biscuit; that’s my favorite breakfast that my budget no longer permits meContinue reading ““Are You Ok?” and Other Questions Not To Ask An Unemployed Person”