Country Music & Me: My Time Capsule To The Yesteryears

Country music served as the background soundtrack to a time in my life when I didn’t have to worry about anything. So, today, I’d like to welcome Friday by sharing my all-time favorite Country Music songs with you.

5 Things I Learned About Achieving Financial Prosperity

On my free time, I’ve been reading articles on financial management, stories about billionaires, and other miscellaneous articles on attaining wealth. The tips I’ve obtained from such sources have been so simple; you’d think that everyone should know this, but apparently, they don’t. If they did, I suppose everyone would be wealthy. Here are some tips on obtaining financial wealth.

False Choice Between Babies and Startups

A couple of years ago, I was interviewing for a position at a start-up. I had been on the job-hunt for several months and was becoming more and more desperate to land a job. The interview was going very well. The interviewer seemed impressed with my experience and credentials, and we were developing a good rapport. Given the engaging conversation we were having, I didn’t think anything of it when he so casually asked me where I was living and whether I planned on moving away from home. In a sly manner, he added, “And you don’t plan on having children anytime soon, do you?”
It was so sudden that I didn’t even have a chance to think about it. I was 26 at the time, so having children was the furthest thing from my mind, for I was married to my career. I quickly answered, “No.”

He offered me the position the next day.

Honesty Ain’t The Best Policy

They say honesty is the best policy. I suppose that’s true when it comes to things like, telling your friend that the outfit she’s wearing does not look good on her. It’s true when your boyfriend says something that hurts your feelings and you have to confront him about it. It’s true when taking anContinue reading “Honesty Ain’t The Best Policy”

Three Secrets To Keep

As I grow older and become more confident in my decisions, I realize how much I used to share with friends and relatives in order for them to validate me. I also realize how precarious of a position this is, for no one on this earth will understand you better than you. Looking to people for approval for who you are and what you’re doing makes them into a god. And, ain’t no one on this earth is worthy of that title.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner

The article below articulates my thoughts on marriage and long-term relationships. Our choice of a life partner is the biggest decision we will ever make and as such, we should choose carefully, not hastily. Furthermore, our goal should not be to get married before our biological clock runs out of time, but to marry the rightContinue reading “The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner”

What To Consider Before Asking A Couple When They Are Getting Married

My boyfriend and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary and I just turned 30 years old. I understand why so many relatives and friends are becoming increasingly more curious about when will tie the knot.  As my elder no-nonsense cousin so eloquently stated during the early stages of my boyfriend and my relationship, “You’re notContinue reading “What To Consider Before Asking A Couple When They Are Getting Married”

The Most Difficult Question To Answer

“Where are you from?” may sound like a straightforward question, but if you moved around a lot as a child or you are of a mixed race or cultural heritage, this question can become complicated to answer. Mix in the possibility that the race or culture that you identify with rejects or mocks you, you may be left to feel like an orphan child.

Hollywood’s Deepest Secrets: A Movie Review of Beyond The Lights

Hollywood is more than just glamour, parties, and paparazzi. In some cases, Hollywood can take the best of you and leave you at the edge of a balcony ready to jump, as portrayed in the movie, Beyond The Lights. Before this movie, I did not understand the motive and circumstances behind celebrity suicides. I’m notContinue reading “Hollywood’s Deepest Secrets: A Movie Review of Beyond The Lights”

If It Don’t Make Money, It Don’t Make Cents: My Journey To Financial Freedom

The American education system has not done its due diligence in making sure students are savvy in all things concerning finances. In grade school, I do not remember taking a class on interest rates, credit cards, investment portfolios and other financial concepts. It is no wonder many millennial are in over their head in educational debt;Continue reading “If It Don’t Make Money, It Don’t Make Cents: My Journey To Financial Freedom”

16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People

Every now and again, I’ll stumble upon an article that describes exactly how I am and how I process information. This article, 16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People, describes me to a T. Sensitivity has its drawbacks but the silver lining is my writing. My ability to feel pain, sadness, happiness, and anger result inContinue reading “16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People”

How To Identify The Relationship With No Happy Ending

Recently, my friend mentioned to me that she was done with relationships that are “long stories.” We all have friends that when you ask how her boyfriend is doing, she says, “Let me tell you what happened yesterday or last week” and then, she proceeds to tell her version of a long story. Long stories, in my friend’s experience, never ended well. Her advice: leave any man that gives you a long story and move on.

From PhD to Burger King: Why Did My Life Turn Out This Way?

I met a woman at leadership conference in April and her story intrigued me. She earned a doctorate degree from Harvard University, worked as an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a couple years, and then, went to work a Burger King. I was fascinated with how similar this story is to my own. Doing what I love has taken courage. People will scrutinize what they do not understand. At the end of the day, however, I have to do what is right for me.

Love Affair

We met when I was 8 years old. Old people referred to it as puppy love, which my 8-year-old mind did not comprehend. I was not a puppy and neither was he. I turned to him whenever I needed to vent or whenever I needed a good laugh. He always provided an outlet for meContinue reading “Love Affair”

On The Reason We Say “Merry” Christmas Instead of “Happy” Christmas

“Happy Christmas!” I said to my co-worker as he left the office for the holidays. “Merry New Year!” he replied. We both chuckled. Prior to this exchange, we had just discussed reasons why people wish others a happy birthday, a happy thanksgiving, and a Happy 4th of July, but for Christmas, the same people will wish you a MerryContinue reading “On The Reason We Say “Merry” Christmas Instead of “Happy” Christmas”

#WhereToMeet: DoubleTree Atlanta – Marietta Edition

Excellent Location. Accommodating Staff. Large Conference Rooms. I’ve had my share of #epicfail conference meeting room in my short tenure on this planet, but I’m happy to say that I finally met my next business related meeting place for my next event. Her name: DoubleTree by Hilton Atlanta – Marietta.

#WhatsForBrunch: Egg Harbor Cafe Edition

   I thought I knew all the hot brunch spots in Atlanta, until I stumbled upon a gem in South Buckhead called Egg Harbor Café. My family and I decided to host a holiday brunch on the Sunday before Christmas. When the prices at our first-choice breakfast buffet shot up to $32 per person, we decidedContinue reading “#WhatsForBrunch: Egg Harbor Cafe Edition”