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The Greatest Lie Millennials Believe

Welcome to S&T's #TBT! This week's post is an official throwback post from 2015. I'm considering whether to re-release old posts on the blog every first Thursday of the month. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!  I remember when I found out that Santa Claus wasn't real. I thought to myself: Now,… Continue reading The Greatest Lie Millennials Believe

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She Said What?!?!

People say the dumbest things. It's almost as if they speak before they think and if you're like me, you're often on the receiving end of thoughtless comments. I still believe that people have pure intentions; they don't mean to offend you, but they do, unfortunately. Why not keep a running list of things to NEVER say to someone. I'll list mine, and you can list yours in the comment section.

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Hustle While You Work

I edit academic papers, blogs, and  other miscellaneous documents. I plan special events. I am a program manager, grant-writer, funding-seeker for various organizations in the field of public health. I am a research specialist, administrative coordinator, and hospitality worker. And most importantly, I blog at Scribbles & Tostitos Blog. My job description has not always… Continue reading Hustle While You Work

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5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making People Hate You

I carry boxing gloves in the trunk of my car. It scares people, but I try to reassure them that they should not be scared. My boxing gloves protect them from me. I suffer from a case of passive-aggressiveness. Kickboxing is my form of therapy. Whenever I feel a bit tense, I grab my boxing… Continue reading 5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making People Hate You