What 2019 Taught Me

2019, how do I say farewell to a year that brought me to the highest of heights and it also brought me down to my knees in prayer? It was a good year, with lots of wins, but it also presented some challenges. Most years have their mix of ups and downs, but 2019 feltContinue reading “What 2019 Taught Me”

My Little Secret

When you meet me in person, you’ll think I’m the most jovial, outgoing person you have ever met. I’m the co-worker who remembers everyone’s birthday and insists that we all go out lunch to celebrate. I’m the one at a party who can strike up conversations with strangers. People who don’t know us would thinkContinue reading “My Little Secret”

On My Playlist: How To Fix A Broken Record Podcast

To break the monotony of a day at the office, I often listen to Podcasts. I like podcasts that offer insight on a variety of topics, while still entertaining me in some way. Last week, I discovered How To Fix A Broken Record, a podcast based on a book of the same name. The podcast’sContinue reading “On My Playlist: How To Fix A Broken Record Podcast”

Not Another One

The experience of going to the movie theaters will never be the same for me. Listening to a sermon at church will never be the same for me. Picking up toiletries at Walmart will never be the same for me. Attending a concert of my favorite musician will never be the same for me. I encourage you to play your role to reduce gun violence in this country, in whatever way you see fit.

The Power of a Good Story

I’ve always loved the art of storytelling. But, I never thought that story-telling could make the large impact on the world that I’ve always desired to make. Perhaps, this is the reason why I never took it as seriously as my career in healthcare. Because healthcare is more noble than storytelling, right? Wrong. As ViolaContinue reading “The Power of a Good Story”

My First Boyfriend

I had my first “boyfriend” in kindergarten. I’ve place boyfriend in quotation marks here because I chuckle at how simple boyfriend/girlfriend relationships were in my childhood days. Feelings and commitment were foreign to me. My peers and I changed our boyfriends like we changes our socks. Boyfriends were only something we had in order to have somethingContinue reading “My First Boyfriend”

Country Music & Me: My Time Capsule To The Yesteryears

Country music served as the background soundtrack to a time in my life when I didn’t have to worry about anything. So, today, I’d like to welcome Friday by sharing my all-time favorite Country Music songs with you.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner

The article below articulates my thoughts on marriage and long-term relationships. Our choice of a life partner is the biggest decision we will ever make and as such, we should choose carefully, not hastily. Furthermore, our goal should not be to get married before our biological clock runs out of time, but to marry the rightContinue reading “The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner”

This Is What Happened When I Left My Phone At Home

Yesterday, I did something I have never done before: I left my smartphone at home for the first time since I purchased it in May. But a day without my phone was delightful and help me accomplish the following things.

Life’s Hardships Are God’s Gifts

Viola Davis’ quote from an interview with Oprah Winfrey. It may inspire you.

A Favorite Halloween Story

To most, Halloween is a day to dress as someone (or thing) else, but to me, Halloween is just an excuse to delight myself in all the candy I can stomach in one day. My perception of October 31st changed when I relocated to Boston. A co-worker of mine invited me to his annual Halloween house party. I decided to give his party a chance and convinced my homegirl to come with me.

The Reason I Don’t Blog Anymore

I know, I know. I’ve skipped posts and as the months of 2014 unfold, my posts are becoming more and more sporadic. I apologize for my lack of consistency. Life offline has a way of interfering with one’s ability to blog the way she once did. Things are changing. I’m changing. And anything that comesContinue reading “The Reason I Don’t Blog Anymore”

7 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Unconditionally

I was literally beaming when I read this article! Having a love affair with yourself is the best love affair you’ll ever experience. Love yourself, not only when you’re doing well, but love yourself through your failures and weaknesses. Love yourself unconditionally. Happy Hump Day!

She Said What?!?!

People say the dumbest things. It’s almost as if they speak before they think and if you’re like me, you’re often on the receiving end of thoughtless comments. I still believe that people have pure intentions; they don’t mean to offend you, but they do, unfortunately. Why not keep a running list of things to NEVER say to someone. I’ll list mine, and you can list yours in the comment section.

CrazySexyCool: The Positive Thinking Tip

I was 9 years old when CrazySexyCool hit stores in 1995. For a little girl with aspirations of being a singer, TLC had a major influence on me. I’d watch MTV while singing their songs at the top of my lungs. One day during a sleepover with my closest friends, we dressed in baggy jeansContinue reading “CrazySexyCool: The Positive Thinking Tip”

Hustle While You Work

I edit academic papers, blogs, and  other miscellaneous documents. I plan special events. I am a program manager, grant-writer, funding-seeker for various organizations in the field of public health. I am a research specialist, administrative coordinator, and hospitality worker. And most importantly, I blog at Scribbles & Tostitos Blog. My job description has not alwaysContinue reading “Hustle While You Work”