I Think I Found Mr. Right

A woman gets tired of being let down. She gets tired of men cheating on her; she gets tired of being a man's back-up plan. She gets tired of being mistreated. Time after time, her boyfriend breaks his promises and her eyes have no more tears to shed. Understanding that a dream must be written in order for it to be real, I recently wrote these words down in my journal. At that time, there was no 'Mr. Right' in the picture, but I am rest assured with a little faith and patience, these words will be true.

Why Self-Love?

Poor self-esteem is one of the root causes of relationship problems for both men and women. Women, in constant search for validation, will look for a man who will tell her she is beautiful; she is valuable; and she is desirable. The sad part is that once she is receiving these intangibles from a man, it is difficult for her to see clearly.