What 2019 Taught Me

2019, how do I say farewell to a year that brought me to the highest of heights and it also brought me down to my knees in prayer? It was a good year, with lots of wins, but it also presented some challenges. Most years have their mix of ups and downs, but 2019 feltContinue reading “What 2019 Taught Me”

The Greatest Lie Millennials Believe

Welcome to S&T’s #TBT! This week’s post is an official throwback post from 2015. I’m considering whether to re-release old posts on the blog every first Thursday of the month. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!  I remember when I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. I thought to myself: Now,Continue reading “The Greatest Lie Millennials Believe”

A Black Woman’s Conversation with a White Man About Race

This is where people get confused. Using race to describe a person is not offensive. Making an assumption about a person based on their skin color is offensive. Acknowledging that a lady is Black is not offensive, but classifying her as an angry black woman without getting to know her is offensive. I admire his audacity to pose an important question, at the risk of upsetting me.

Not Another One

The experience of going to the movie theaters will never be the same for me. Listening to a sermon at church will never be the same for me. Picking up toiletries at Walmart will never be the same for me. Attending a concert of my favorite musician will never be the same for me. I encourage you to play your role to reduce gun violence in this country, in whatever way you see fit.

What To Consider Before Asking A Couple When They Are Getting Married

My boyfriend and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary and I just turned 30 years old. I understand why so many relatives and friends are becoming increasingly more curious about when will tie the knot.  As my elder no-nonsense cousin so eloquently stated during the early stages of my boyfriend and my relationship, “You’re notContinue reading “What To Consider Before Asking A Couple When They Are Getting Married”

Hollywood’s Deepest Secrets: A Movie Review of Beyond The Lights

Hollywood is more than just glamour, parties, and paparazzi. In some cases, Hollywood can take the best of you and leave you at the edge of a balcony ready to jump, as portrayed in the movie, Beyond The Lights. Before this movie, I did not understand the motive and circumstances behind celebrity suicides. I’m notContinue reading “Hollywood’s Deepest Secrets: A Movie Review of Beyond The Lights”

From PhD to Burger King: Why Did My Life Turn Out This Way?

I met a woman at leadership conference in April and her story intrigued me. She earned a doctorate degree from Harvard University, worked as an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a couple years, and then, went to work a Burger King. I was fascinated with how similar this story is to my own. Doing what I love has taken courage. People will scrutinize what they do not understand. At the end of the day, however, I have to do what is right for me.

Street Harassment Is Life Threatening

Shoshana Roberts, a 29-year old actress residing in New York City, recorded an experiment on street harassment. She installed a hidden camera and had it record 10 hours of her walking the streets of Manhattan. Thank you, Shoshana for sharing your video. Here’s my own story.

Black Women Are Ghetto

Unfortunately, there are still people who endorse the African American female ghetto stereotype. It always amazes me that after all these years of successful educated and refined African American women being placed in front us, people still believe the hype. Some of these stereotypes are laughable and unsurprising, but some of it rather shocking and a little disturbing.

Because The White Doll Is Prettier Than The Black Doll

I chose the White Doll because she was prettier than the Black one. – My Seven Year Old Niece   Black Friday sucks everyone in, even a second grader. For the past few weeks, my niece has been nagging her parents to buy her a “Baby Alive” doll for Christmas. She even dragged her dad to ToysContinue reading “Because The White Doll Is Prettier Than The Black Doll”

I’mma Need For You To Do Better

When I was a student at Spelman College, Imma need for you to do better, was a common phrase among my sisters. The phrase could be used to address anything – hairstyle, choice of boyfriend, exam or it could even be said in jest. Imma need for you to do better is how we remindedContinue reading “I’mma Need For You To Do Better”