Where My Fondest Memories Were Created

I grew up in the Greater Atlanta area, in a city 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta called Marietta. My house is located right off Sandy Plains Rd. My family and I moved to that home in 1992. Back then, Sandy Plains was two lane street. It was a stark contrast from what it isContinue reading “Where My Fondest Memories Were Created”

The Most Difficult Question To Answer

“Where are you from?” may sound like a straightforward question, but if you moved around a lot as a child or you are of a mixed race or cultural heritage, this question can become complicated to answer. Mix in the possibility that the race or culture that you identify with rejects or mocks you, you may be left to feel like an orphan child.

Black Women Are Ghetto

Unfortunately, there are still people who endorse the African American female ghetto stereotype. It always amazes me that after all these years of successful educated and refined African American women being placed in front us, people still believe the hype. Some of these stereotypes are laughable and unsurprising, but some of it rather shocking and a little disturbing.

The 10 Most Embarrassing American Stereotypes That Are True

I was raised in public schools of suburban neighborhood outside of Atlanta. It was subliminal but I was taught that the USA does things the “right” way and other countries do things the “wrong” way. So, naturally, I believed the United States of America was the best place on earth. Today, I am 15 yearsContinue reading “The 10 Most Embarrassing American Stereotypes That Are True”

My Encounter With An Angry Black Man

This is a real text message exchange between me and some creepy guy I met at a networking event. To this day, I still cannot figure out how he got my phone number. I am also uncertain about what led him to the conclusion that I am an angry American woman. Contrary to his belief, I am proud of my Ghanaian roots. Creep.

On My International Playlist

My love for international music is no longer a secret. I listen to African, Haitian, Dancehall music more than I listen to music from American artists. I prefer an international clubbing scene than a hip hop one. I have an eclectic taste in music. Some of these tracks are old, while some of these tracks are a recent. See my playlist below:

Favorite Moment of My African Experience

I dialed her number for what had to have been the upteenth time from my hotel in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. Each call would be dropped after a few seconds of conversation and we were both becoming extremely frustrated.

Ghana (Part 2): November 1, 2009

Journey to the Cape Coast and Kakum On Saturday, October 31st, 2009 my cousins and I woke up early to go to Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park. At Kakum National Park, we walked across seven canopies that were merely ropes hanging from trees. These canopies were 130 feet high.  The bridge would shakeContinue reading “Ghana (Part 2): November 1, 2009”

Ghana (Part 1): November 1, 2009

One of the most exciting experiences of my life was my first trip to my motherland, Ghana! My father is originally from Ghana and has family there. Since I was 8, my cousin, Rispah and I have been pen pals, writing letters, then e-mails, now Facebook messages. We’ve always been in contact, and in someContinue reading “Ghana (Part 1): November 1, 2009”

Three Reasons I Like Nigerians

The running joke among my friends is that I’ll probably marry a Nigerian man one day. I understand why they make this statement. In addition to finding Nigerian men attractive, I have worked in Nigeria and embraced its culture. I listen to Nigerian music artists, Naeto C, Bracket, and P-Square. I watch their movies. And IContinue reading “Three Reasons I Like Nigerians”