Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out

why-life-sucks-1Life sucks.

Jobs are lost. Boyfriends break up with you. Unwanted pounds creep up on you. Schools turn you down for admission. Bosses overlook you for promotions. Loan companies do not forget your phone number (no matter how much you try to avoid them).  Bills pile up. Friends get married and forget about you. Diseases occur. Death snatches people away too soon…

But in the midst of these terrible moments, we have to remember that everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly – occur to benefit us. These things occur to make us better than we were yesterday. Continue reading “Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out”

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What’s Wrong With My Employers?

Call me entitled because my parents told me I was special. Call me a unfocused because I switch jobs more often than most people switch the songs on their workout playlists. Call me Peter Pan because I still live with my parents. Call me whatever you want because I believe there is more to life than going to the same job each day from 9:00am until 5:00pm; working on the same project day in and day out; driving to the same company 250 days each year; and waiting 35 years to retire from the same company you’ve been working in since you graduated college.

I’ve mentioned before how aggravated I become at journalists for talking about how entitled millennials are and how difficult we can be to work with. The truth is that as the Baby Boomers retire, the millennials are taking over the workforce. We believe in work-life balance over the work-is-your-life mentality. We want to live our lives to the fullest.

I have been in the workforce for 5 years now and some of the processes and systems bewilders me sometimes. How is it that the Baby Boomers and Generation X were okay with these obsolete workplace practices. Well, my 75 million peers and I are here to challenge the status quo.

In my relatively short career, I could not help but ponder why some of the things occur in the workplace the way they do. Here’s my attempt at explaining my frustration with the workplace. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With My Employers?”

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5 Reasons I Did Not Attend Your Wedding

5 reasons I didnt attend wedding2014 is here and if you’re like me – a woman in her late 20’s – then you have been bombarded with save-the-dates, I-said-yes text messages, and phone calls from friends asking you to be apart of their wedding. Not to be a Wedding Scrooge or anything; you are happy for your friend’s new-found happiness and the fact that they will celebrate with a $20,000 party, but at the same time, you realize that saying yes to every bridesmaid dress will cost you money that you just can’t afford depart with right now.

For a person who adores weddings, saying no to a wedding invitation is no easy task. In the past, as long as I can scrape up enough money and skip a few meals, I would have been at your wedding.

But this fact is no longer true.

The older I get the more I realize that managing finances is the key to my future. I can’t afford to say yes to every wedding invitation. Attending every acquaintance, co-worker, and friend’s wedding will prevent me from getting a place of my own, paying off my educational debt, and starting a family of my own. I have to be more selective of the weddings I attend. So, in the future, if you don’t see me in your wedding, here are 5 reasons why: Continue reading “5 Reasons I Did Not Attend Your Wedding”


What Not To Say To A 20-Something

Have you ever been asked an offensive question? You reserved judgment on the person because you knew that it was not their intention to hurt you. In response to the question, did you mutter something under your breath and change the subject? Or did you simply look at them as though they had grown a third eyeball and walk away?

We have all been asked a question like this before and for us 20-somethings, we are not immune to such questions. In fact, I believe we are on the receiving end of these questions more than others. Here are a list of questions and comments that make me cringe each time I hear it.  Continue reading “What Not To Say To A 20-Something”


Every 20-Something’s Greatest Flaw

20somethings spend a lot of time competing with each other in discrete ways. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, GTalk, and Twitter, we can now silently stalk our friends, frenemies, and former classmates and feel disgruntled when we find out that they are more successful than us. Continue reading “Every 20-Something’s Greatest Flaw”