Conversation With The Ex

ConversationWithEx - PhotoHim: Hi, How are you?

What You Want To Say: What in the world do you want? Oh Gosh, I’ve been thinking about you all day. Is that why you just texted me right now? Happens all the time. I thought about you and now you’re texting me. Dang it!

What You Really Say: Hi, I am fabulous! How are you?

Him: I’m doing great. How’s life? How’s your family? Work?

What You Want To Say: You have no business knowing what I’m doing in my life anymore. Stop acting like you care, because if you cared, we’d be together right now.Read More »

A Childhood Story About Heartbreak

A Woman's First Heartbreak

When I am faced with hardships, I let my mind wander to previous setbacks in my life, where I thought my life was going to end.  A slight smile creeps across my face when my mind lands on the time a boy broke my heart, by humiliating me in front of my classmates in middle school. When it happened, I was devastated; I thought I’d never recover. Now, 15 years later, I laugh at the story. How silly was I to be so distraught over a silly remark from a boy.

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