#100HappyDays: Days 6 – 22

Let me update you on the moments from Day 6 through Day 22 that have made my days happy.


Day 6:

I drive to the gas pump, turn off the ignition, reach for my wallet, and climb out the car. As I was about to swipe my VISA card, I realize that the boyfriend beat me to it. He was already filling up my tank. Awwwww!

Day 7:

I’m at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, running as late as ever, when I run into Mike Epps, who is cracking jokes like his usual self. I arrive late to my gate and the flight attendant relieves my stress by booking me for a later flight, without any delay. I reach my destination an hour later than my original flight. Hallelujah.

Day 8:

Eating lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in more than 5 years. The old adage holds validity, “Like fine wine, friends get better with time.”

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#100HappyDays: The Challenge

What makes you happy?100HappyDayChallenge

Hard question huh? To tell you the truth, when I first asked myself this question, I couldn’t answer it either.

Knowing what makes you happy is crucial to your well being and overall satisfaction with life. For, how can you be content if you don’t know what makes you feel at peace? A lot of people try to make themselves happy with tangible and intangible items like, a home, a car, a Macbook, fame, or even climbing the corporate ladder. Some of the happiest people I’ve encountered have led the most simplistic lifestyle. Perhaps we don’t need such expensive items to make us happy.

So, I ask myself today and for the next 100 days, what makes me happy? The 100HappyDays challenge requires me to post what makes me happy for 100 consecutive days. From today, May 1, 2014 through August 8, 2014, I will post a picture on my blog and on Twitter of something that makes me happy each day. Follow me on Twitter @scribsandtosts, #100happydays.

By the end of this challenge, I hope to have a collection of simple items, ideas, and people who make me happy. The collection will inspire me on rainy days and provide a new perspective on life.