The One Flaw That Always Made Me Feel Unpretty

It’s not by happenstance that the tagline for my blog is “Her journey to self-love.” Falling in love with myself has been of importance to me and through my blog posts, I share what I’ve learned along the way. I’m not the only one on this mission. Millions of women around the globe struggle withContinue reading “The One Flaw That Always Made Me Feel Unpretty”

7 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Unconditionally

I was literally beaming when I read this article! Having a love affair with yourself is the best love affair you’ll ever experience. Love yourself, not only when you’re doing well, but love yourself through your failures and weaknesses. Love yourself unconditionally. Happy Hump Day!

What They Didn’t Tell Me About Being In A Relationship

No one told me it was going to be this way. Not that this is a bad way; it’s just that no one really tells you about some of the ups and downs that you’ll experience in your first real relationship. Your annoying friend who is always making updates about your relationship status on Facebook and Twitter forgot to mention a few things.