Dear God: When You Comin’ Back?

Dear God, There are some strange things going on in the world today, and it could only mean one thing: you’re coming back soon. This old guy named Harold Camping has been making predictions about your return for decades now, and so far he’s been wrong each time. I don’t know if you two haveContinue reading “Dear God: When You Comin’ Back?”

Why Christians Are Hypocrites

I have a friend who is adamant in her belief that Christians are hypocrites. Now, she hasn’t always endorsed the belief that Christians are hypocrites. She grew up in a Christian household, but after a few bad experiences, she’s abandoned her faith. Her new hobby is pointing out the hypocritical things that Christians do.  We canContinue reading “Why Christians Are Hypocrites”

Why Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore

Many of my friends on Twitter and Facebook posted a link to a recent CNN article entitled “Why Young Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore.” The title was intriguing, so of course I clicked on it, even scrolled through the comments in the comments section of the article, but still, I haven’t heard from my readers andContinue reading “Why Christians Aren’t Waiting Anymore”